Thanks to the pandemic, I have been holed up in my home and not that I am complaining because like everyone I’ve got a chance to spend a lot of time with family and of-course improve my cooking skills as well. I haven’t really started dining out as yet and its still risky, but a lot of restaurants far and near have started delivery through the many portals that are available. And one such Sunday, hunting for Biryani – came across RNR Biryani in Swiggy which I believe is a cloud kitchen only if I am not wrong and having read some good reviews about it in social media, decided to order from here. This was from the New Bel Road outlet in Bangalore and we went with one Donne Chicken Biryani, One Egg Biryani and a Rnr Special Kshatriya Kebab as starters for 3 people.

The packing stands out, they have a customized delivery pack with biryani in a tin box with raitha, salan and double ka meetha. Never seen biryani or any cooked food packed in a tin box before, the exceptions being the beans and other similar tins that we get from the grocery stores. I forgot to take a snap of the packaging itself but you will know what I am talking about when you order it. I am not really sure what the material of the box was but there were some concerns of whether the food should be packed in these ! Nevertheless, it was leak proof, retained heat and was sealed properly.

Donne Chicken Biryani

Coming to the food itself now, the Chicken Biryani came with about 3 to 4 medium pieces of meat and one egg while there were three in the egg biryani. The taste itself was excellent. The aroma and flavor that one would expect from a ‘Donne’ Biryani was indeed present. The rice was done right and the spices and herbs did lend a very rich experience. Each bite would make one craving for more and the portion was good enough for one. They do mention when one orders on the portion sizes and have different options and combo’s available like a family pack and much more to suit your needs.

The Kshatriya Kebab was mentioned as a specialty and it came in well packed as well. Kebab was good but I was looking for a tangy spice hit which was missing. It probably was done for the masses but perhaps my expectation was a little hyped especially when its delivered home. The experience of kebab’s is always best when its devoured immediately after its cooked, the more you let fried meat rest, the less punch it packs – atleast for me ! Overall, I would rate it a good 4/5. Go for it !

Kshatriya Kebab

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