Sunset Boat Ride at Lake Pichola – Udaipur

Udaipur is the City of Lakes and justice is not done if one does not get on a boat to explore the sites of this beautiful city. After a tiring but interesting tour of the City Palace which obviously is a must visit as well, I headed out with my family for a relaxing boat time on Lake Pichola. We opted for the Sunset Boat ride having heard about the mesmerizing views when dusk falls though it is heavier on pocket. After purchasing our tickets and wearing life jackets which by the way is mandatory, we set off around half past 5 for the ride.

Lake Pichola

It’s all about soaking in the moment and the beautiful sights. City Palace being the starting point, it was a different experience watching the palace stand majestically amidst the water and becomes even more charming when the lights turn on in the night.

From huge trees to small temples, every moment was something new to embrace.

Jag Mandir is a pit stop for the boat ride. One can get down to spend time at this palace built on an island and is also known as the ‘Lake Garden’ palace. Most of the space is converted into a hotel but the visitors get a chance to enjoy the garden area which is well managed as well as experience the palace band ceremony. Not to forget the beautiful views again from this Island.

Some of the other Palace’s were converted over as heritage hotels such as Taj while there are also other brands like the Leela hotels which have setup a beautiful island property for people to stay in.

Other famous spots that one can come across on the ride are the ghats. Gangaur Ghat near the Bagore Ki Haveli was clearly a winner

Gangaur Ghat

But what we were mostly looking forward too was the sunset which did not work out. The Sun took its own time to set and perhaps we should have taken the last boat which could have given us that perfect ending to a beautiful day but by the time our ride came to an end, it was still bright, and so were the clouds that kept hiding the sun from us as well.

Nevertheless, the entire experience was just wonderful. Take out your camera’s and you will end up capturing some splendid moments.


  1. Nice photo, tourist must be getting nice views for here. Article is written in a good way, it’s good to read. All the places are very well described and very informative. But all pictures are really beautiful, really appreciated.

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