House of Troy – Greek Kitchen

The City of Bengaluru is as cosmopolitan as it can be and the food scene here is reminiscent of it. From global cuisine to local street food, the city offers everything ! There is however a dearth in places where Greek food is the soul and House of Troy is one such new restaurant that aims to fulfill it.

Located in Koramangala, House of Troy has a pleasant ambience with both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating has a golden theme to it and though I have not experienced it myself as we went in during the day, the word of mouth is that it looks beautiful when the lights turn on.

Outdoor Seating – House of Troy

The bar is well stocked and we tried a few drinks from their Signature Cocktails section among-st which the ones clicked with me were –

  • Ouzo Cherry Twister – Blend of Ouzo, vodka, maraschino cherry lemongrass and lemon tart foam on top
  • Chilli Chocolate Martini – Vodka infused with green chilli, martinie rosso, chocolate power, cream and sugar.

The food menu is compact and good, not an elaborate one running into many pages which is how I would prefer rather than going back and forth to decide what to eat. This was easy with perfect dishes that obviously had Greek written all over. If in a large group, one may end up trying almost everything if they wish to ! And so was the case with my experience, loads of appetizers to taste –

  • Onion Rings – No saying no to Onion Rings, good crunch, fried to perfection, not oily and seasoned well
  • Tomato Kefthedes – One of my favorite for the day. Tomato was the hero with herbs and feta cream to go with. These are basically vegetarian version of meat balls with tomato replacing Lamb as the ‘meat’.
  • Spanakopita – Its a filo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese resembling a samosa. Tasty bites
  • Dakos – In other words – Bruschetta, there were two variants – one with Artichokes and the other with sun-dried tomato & Olives, the latter would be my pick !
  • Melitzanes Papoutsakia – For all those who hate eggplant, try this stuffed eggplant dish and you’ll be impressed !
  • Kotopita Hot Pockets – This was the meat variant of Spanakopita. Chicken stuffed phyllo packets. As a hardcore non-vegetarian, chicken would beat any vegetarian dish for me but the spinach filo variant was a winner as well !
  • Chicken Seekh – Oh this was another favorite , melt in the mouth, minced chicken with herbs and spices was all richness !
  • Prawn Saganaki – A classic Greek dish with Prawns cooked in a rich tomato sauce and topped with feta. Comfort food !

What kicked off our appetizers was a refreshing Pumpkin and Kale soup ! Just the right balance and texture. Sip in hot otherwise it loses its charm !

Now onto the Mains, 5 options – 1 veg and 4 non-veg options on the menu. I tried 3 of the dishes which we shared within the group –

  • Grilled Salmon with Spinach in Herb Feta Sauce – Salmon was delicious ! Spinach and that creamy sauce went so well together. If you love your sea-food, this is highly recommended !
  • Tiger Prawns with couscous and Veggies tossed in Tomato Sauce – Get your hands dirty and get those prawn’s opened for freshness and goodness
  • Greek Stuffed Chicken with Paprika Sauce – It was a little dry for my liking, the paprika sauce was a nice touch. The veggies did eat well

And finally Desserts !

  • Baklava with Ice-cream – Crispy filo pastry was a clear winner !
  • Loukoumades – These are Greek Style doughnuts, deep fried pastry with honey and cream !

Overall, a wonderful Greek Dining experience and a great addition to the food scene in Bengaluru. They do have valet parking as well which is perfect knowing how difficult it is to find parking on your own in Koramangala. Pricing is per expectations and not on the higher side for the food served. Service and hospitality is good. Recommended !

House of Troy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location – House of Troy

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