Yercaud – Top Things to do

Yercaud – a hill station down south in the state of Tamil Nadu is a great place to escape from the heat and spend a few days in the midst of pleasant weather. An hour’s drive from the city of Salem which is well connected through road and rail network. While a good resort or a hotel is all one needs to have a relaxing time, there are few places that you could visit to soak in the natural beauty of this town.

Pagoda Point

Also known as the Pyramid Point is famous for the amazing views that it presents one with. It is named so based on the rock formations in the area. There is also a Ramar Temple and a raised platform for views that are just mesmerizing. There are snacks options like corn, peanuts etc and some fun time for the kids with shooting a baloon or bubble toys. It’s all about spending time here and soaking in the moment.

Lady’s Seat

There are many other view points that provide an equally pleasant experience. Rock formations in the form of seat have led to them being named Lady’s , Gent’s and Children Seat View points. We chose to visit just the Lady’s seat, this point also has a telescope for visitors to have a glimpse of places of interest

Lady’s Seat

Shevaroy Temple

Don’t judge a book by its cover they say and when you see the temple from outside, it might look like any other but step inside, you need to bend to get in as its in a cave. Lord Servaraya Perumal and Goddess Kaveri amman preside here. The former is worshiped as the the Lord of all the villages in the Yercaud hill and the latter as the name suggests is worshiped as the Goddess of River Cauvery. It is believed that the temple dates back to atleast 2000 years and also the cave extending till the Cauvery river in Karnataka but when we spoke to the priest , he did state that it no longer extends till the river. Photography is not allowed inside the temple and the only capture I could get was off the outside view. Go to experience this.

Shevaroy Temple

Sri Rajarajeswari Temple

Another temple that is famous in the town is the Sri Rajrajeswari Temple, small yet powerful temple. Vibes of spiritual and inner piece. A flight of stairs leads you amidst a garden to the temple. Again no camera’s allowed and I could manage only the entrance where the steps begin.

Sri Rajarajeswari Temple

Yercaud Lake

Rent a row boat, motor boat or just take the pedal one and have fun around the lake with views of the hills and just the sparkling water. We were here almost during sunset and it was just a pretty sight. Life jackets are mandatory which is good from a safety aspect especially for folks like me who don’t know swimming. The pricing though I felt is expensive

Anjaneya Temple

The drive to this temple was awesome ! Narrow roads, greenery all around, that smell of fresh air – just bliss ! At the temple, another stunning place to be at. We were the only ones here and the Priest helped us reach the highest level of devotion with his prayers. Lots of open area, Black Pepper and beetle leaf, Jackfruit trees dot the surroundings. The temple is colorful and vibrant and its just beautiful ! It might be a little difficult to locate this but here is the google map link

It’s a good destination for a break from the daily routine, though not as vast or scenic as Ooty or Kodaikanal but serves the purpose !

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