Burger mania at ‘The Bar Stock Exchange’

The Bar Stock Exchange Bengaluru has got a burger fest going all April and after trying out the same, I can vouch for it on being the best ever burgers I’ve ever had and no I am not exaggerating. I am not a burger person and what puts me off is usually the buns but here they have taken it to the next level !

Here is the Burger School Menu and as you could see, there is something for everyone – be it for the vegetarians, the eggetarians or the meat lovers and with different flavor profiles

We were a group of 5 and so all the burgers were on trial which meant we got to taste almost all of it ! On the vegetarian variants – the two options available are –

  • The Humble Potato – As the name suggests , stuffed potato patty with cheddar, tomato and salsa combination works well.
  • The Fiery Heart – With Paneer Steak at its heart, onions rings stacked up, add Thai Salsa with Mayo. Buns light to eat. Taste Fiery indeed.

The Egg-xo-tic burger was indeed exotic ! Egg cooked to perfection, cheesy goodness, that brown onions taking the taste a notch higher and with tomato chutney what else can someone ask for !

Now for some meats, two variants of Chicken burgers that we tried –

  • Hot and Happening – Hot because its got Chilli Chicken Patty and Happening cos its got fried egg , mayo and Thai Salsa to top off the patty with and I think that explains it !
  • Korean Fried Chicken “THE KFC” – Aptly named burger with twice fried chicken, kimchi slaw, lettuce and Korean Chilli Mayo – it cannot got more Korean than this ! This was a first !

And saving the best for the last, the red meat burgers –

  • The Mouth Melting Pig – When the pork shoulder is cooked for 8 hours, its got to be mouth melting ! The green apple and chilli slaw with barbecue sauce was finger licking good !
  • God’s Own Country Burger – My favorite for the day. Oh the chilli beef, the curry mayo and the fried coconut crunch – too good ! This one was very inviting and it tasted as good as the presentation.
  • Massive Attack OR The Double “D” Burger – Another fiesta and probably a finale dish was this mix meat double patty burger. Beef, Sausage, pulled pork, fried egg, caramelized onions. This is a winner ! If you are having this , your meal is probably done !
God’s own Country Burger

There is also the Classic Burger that I did not get my hands on but one could choose Beef or Chicken patty to go with this. Excellent burgers, currently available only till end of April but hoping that they add some of this into their regular menu. Go for it !

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