‘Carnival de Goa’ in Bangalore

How many of us crave for that perfect Goa vacation to offload from work and take that much needed break. Well, it doesn’t happen very often isn’t it ? That’s when places like ‘Carnival de Goa‘ come in as saviors. With ambience and food that indeed brings in Goa vibes, if you are in Bangalore and can’t get on a plane to Goa, end up in Ulsoor to this place as an alternative.

It’s a meat lover’s paradise but several good options for vegetarians too. Sea Food aplenty and with a big group that we were , it was a fiesta of the highest order. The variety of fish items both on the appetizers and mains were incredible – Karimeen masala, White Pomfret recheado, Basa masala, Anchovy Rava Fry, Mackreal Rava Fry, Salmon masala, Black Pomfret masala, Kingfish curry – Yes – all of this had been devoured ! At one point, I think we lost track of what fish we were eating and it really didn’t matter – cooked well, marinated well, fried well, eat well !

Crab masala, Prawn Butter Garlic, Prawn masala, Clams and Calamari completed the rest of the sea food quota ! Prawn butter garlic and Calamari were some of my favorites for the night.

It’s just the sea food that we were done with not with the rest of the meat – on the table – Chicken Cafreal, Chilly Sausage were a few other starters that I tried. Cafreal good, sausage – the meat was a bit under and did not click.

Also Sausage Pizza and Beef Poi Sliders from the mains made an appearance. Beef – well done, good cook on the meat. Sausage on the Pizza is not really a personal preference, I am more of a chicken pizza guy but for those who like good chunks of sausage in every pizza bite – go for it !

With all the masala’s and curries , pav, sanna’s , neer dosa and steam rice were the accompaniments !


Our vegetarian friends had some good stuff going as well, I picked on a few banana fritters and chilly paneer that ticked off my veggie quota and I am glad both were good on taste !

At this point, you are probably thinking I must have a giant belly to hog all of this, I probably would have liked to but then most probably would have ended up in hospital unable to digest but then we were a big gang to eat all of this – so more variety, more food and sharing is caring right ! And then there is also alcohol – talking about Goa, how can this not be there. We stayed from beer and went with some of their special cocktails – Iron man was a vodka based cocktail and my favorite which meant I had a repeat order for the same. Finding Nemo, Incredible Hulk, Heisenberg special were some of the other cocktails that were doing the rounds !

Can’t leave without Desserts can we ? Especially since its Goan cuisine – and so the Bebinca’s , the Dodol’s and the Caramel Custard’s were the final touches to a feast ! Did they live to their names – yes they did ! Bebinca had the right texture, Custard was high on taste and Dodol is probably the second time I am trying and I am starting to like it !

Overall, great hangout place right across Conrad hotel !

Carnival de Goa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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