Hotel Sri Venkateshwara – Delectable!

They said to get the real vibes of a place, do what the locals do, eat where the locals eat and its so true in every aspect ! While a visit to Yercaud was all about relaxing amidst the lush greenery of this beautiful hill station in the southern part of the country, it was also a chance for some food exploration. Hotel Sri Venkateshwara is a small eatery less than 500 meters from the Yercaud bus stand thats got a homely feel to it.

Being true to its name, the place welcomes you with a wall size image of Lord Venkateshwara. We were here for Breakfast and it was good vibes already early in the day !

The staff are friendly and the service is quick. This has a typical mess style seating so don’t expect private table with chairs etc, its long benches to be seated in a row and wait for your chance to grab a seat for yourself.

Out came Banana Leaves on our table and my cravings were at a high. Literally tried everything from Pongal, Vada, Dosa to Poori ! What I liked about them was that they were honest in saying that their idly was cold and made earlier in the day and left it to us if we wanted to have or not which was impressive !

Having spent a good part of my life in Tamil Nadu and with career taking me to Bengaluru , Pongal is something that I really crave for and make it a point to grab some when in the state, and so it was Pongal that I started off with here and it was as high on taste as it could be ! Coconut and Chilly Chutney with Sambar was just perfect !

Vada was nice and crispy ! Very less traces of oil and delicious !

Poori is served with a potato onion based side which is the usual. Piping hot and good eat as well

Onion dosa was next on the table, it took a while to come but the oothapam does take some time. For that perfectness, I had no issues waiting. Actually had too much to stuff in , the eatery is to blame as well for such good homely and delicious food !

Washing it all down with coffee and off we went for exploring the beauty of Yercaud after a sumptuous meal !

Its not very difficult to find the place, its on the main road and very near to the bus stand. It’s quite famous too, ask around and you will be directed or just use Google Maps which has the place accurately mapped ! Highly recommended !

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