Farzi Cafe – Farzified with New Menu !

  Farzi Cafe has a knack of representing Modern Indian cuisine at the highest levels and the new menu launch was no different. This place is designed to insure one is Farzified to the core. UB City, Bangalore is host to this amazing Bistro and Brewery by the Food Czar – Zorawar Kalra ! Food here is an art work with techniques and presentation of the highest order. The new menu has got dishes that are scintillating ! A beginning of Amuse bouche of chilled mango quenelles was enough to suggest how good the experience was going to be !

Papads or Poppadums are not new but when its Farzi, expect something different here ! A tower of assorted poppadums with in-house dips that insured one helping was not going to be enough. Eat away till the tower goes down !

When the weather demands some soothing soup, Farzi comes up with an Artisanal Tomato Soup topped with Garlic Rusk and Basil gel ! Refreshing !

We Indian love our Chaats and that’s taken care off with the Burrata Tokri Chaat with Dhokla sponge making its way to the table. The inverted Tokri with the perfect Dhokla’s is a merry ! Have the elements on the plate together and not individually for that chatpata experience !

Who say’s no to Cheese ! Chilli Cheese Kulcha‘s stuffed with Mozzarella, garnished with green chillies and served with Burnt Garlic Cream. Pop one in your mouth and the realization sinks in of how generous they have been with the cheese stuffing ! Mouthful of happiness !

Why leave the Taco’s behind ! Add a desi touch to it with an inspiration from the meal our Farmer brethren have while they work up the fields and voila – Farmers Land Desi Tacos is born ! Hard Shell Tacos ( Desi touch here using a Roti !) layered with chutney and filled with some good stuff that include onions, sprouts and peas is unique !

Ratatouille Pav Bhaji Bowl was the vegetarian main that we tried. Maska Focaccia to go with a Bhaji topped with onion, masala butter and nylon sev ! Take that bun, dip it or rather soak it in the bhaji and be flavour bombed !

Let’s get to some meat now ! Muthu Anna’s Favourite Mutton Sukkha was my favorite too ! I don’t know why Anna liked it but for me it was everything ! The bite size morsels of meat were perfectly done and the spices and marination were on point !

From mutton to chicken ! Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings served with Blue Cheese Raitha. The flavor profile was excellent. Wings on the table with all the smokiness and grilled to perfection were great to eat. Do have them hot for all the goodness ! The blue cheese raitha is something that only Farzi can come up with as a dip that excels.

I have had a lot of Paniyaram’s in my life and the same stands for Scotch Eggs as well, the chef’s at Farzi decided to bring them together for a Paniyaram Scotch Egg experience ! Served with two kinds of chutneys, gun powder and a salty parmesan crisp. Stunning presentation and equally delicious taste !

Gongura Chicken curry on the mains served with kulcha will keep one grounded. Succulent pieces of chicken in a rich creamy greens gravy is perfect for a very satisfying and delicious meal !

Kuch meetha ho jaye ! De-Constructed Lemon Tart and Upside – Down Black Sesame & Jaggery Ice Cream, Almond Chikki Crumb  was a fitting Dessert finale! The Jaggery Ice-cream was one of the best I’ve had !

Not just food, Farzi has its own brewed beer – Hefeweizen and IPA would go down in my going back for this again book !

Not to forget the amazing cocktails and mocktails with a presentation that will get you high even before one starts to drink !

Lychee Aampanna Mocktail ! That presentation !

Farzi Cafe brings a smile to everyone’s face and that afternoon was no different. Highly recommended !

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