Chilika Lake is a famous tourist destination in Odisha and while it’s magnificence is unparalleled, there are several gems nearby that one should have it included in the itenary when visiting the Asia’s largest lake. One such gem is the Maa Bhababati Temple in the town of Banapur.

Maa Bhagabati is the presiding deity of Banapur and is a famous landmark in the state of Odisha. Banapur is a small town and since we were on a road trip from Bhubaneswar to Chilika , the driver was well aware of this place and we did not have any issues in reaching here but apparently there is good connectivity available to visit this temple from different parts of the state as well which we did not get to explore much

The temple is located amidst narrow lanes and parking could be a problem but there is enough space on the streets for vehicles to be parked. We were here during the late evening hours and it helped because most of the shops were closed too , not to forget the pleasant experience at this perfect hour. The entrance to the temple is majestic. The sculpture, architecture speaks volumes of the historical significance this place inherits. Colorful and divine is the atmosphere here.

It’s inner piece and a powerful aura is what one can feel in this temple. The prayer, the hymns all add to the grace. Just the sight of the Goddess even if it its a glance reverberates a sense a calmness and its beautiful just being here. Spend some time around the temple and just soak in the moment.

After such a blissful experience, when we stepped out of the temple, we realized there was a small Lord Jagannath temple adjacent to the entrance and it was just a perfect way to end the visit here with blessings, peace and spirituality off the highest form

Lord Jagannath Temple

Here is the Google location for this temple but your best bet would be to hire local cabs with drivers who are aware of all the places to visit near Chilika lake including this temple.

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