Gastronesta – Food Fest by IIHM !

                     International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) has been instrumental in nurturing some of the best talent in the service and hospitality industry today. And the talent speaks for itself when the students showcase their ability to the world by organizing and managing public events all by themselves under the mentor-ship and guidance of the staff and management at these institutes. I have been associated with multiple events conducted by IIHM-Bangalore for a few years now and with every event passing by – it just keeps getting better and breaking boundaries ! This time I was at Gastronesta where the final year students decided to bring the food fests of the world closer to home ! A Pleasant Dec 7th Friday evening was the day to experience the final year’s give it all before they go separate ways soon for an awesome career in the hospitality sector and the venue being Palace Grounds, it had all the ingredients for a grand celebration ! The entrance was decked up with lights and was a pleasant sight getting to the venue.


It was very well-organized right from the entrance being greeted amidst a warm welcome by the students. Registration desk ensured everything was smooth and was assigned a buddy to assist with getting to know things around.


The event was being held at the Nalapad Pavilion, one of the beautiful auditoriums among-st the array of many other in the Palace Grounds. Not just the indoor area, the outdoor lawns was also decked up well for the Food Fest. Food stations were spread across with the auditorium also geared up for on-stage cultural performances by the students.



The lawns were the best place to be at on a cool evening. 


The decor team had done an amazing job both on the lawns and indoors. The Eiffel Tower replica, the dragon were some of the highlights that caught everyone’s attention.

The decor on the walls and the stage was commendable. The theme of the evening was well portrayed by the surroundings and the artwork dotting the arena was just perfect.

It was not only about food here, the talented students also brought their ‘A’ game out lighting up the stage with their performances including singing, dancing and a fashion show which took care of the entertainment factor for the evening.

The event also saw the Teacher Chef Awards being conferred to the winners as well as the launch of the  ‘YCO Story’ Book which traces back the journey of the biggest culinary competition probably in the World.



The Theme of the event was centered around bringing the Food Festivals of the world closer to home. Cuisines of Spain, Berlin, India, USA, China and Paris were all part of the fest. Be it the Berlin Food Week, the Mardi Gras, the Khau Galli’s there was something for everyone’s palate. While the guest’s were having a good time, behind the scenes – the students were gearing to get everything prepped up and ready !

We also had Marvel’s Infinity Stones make an appearance in the form of specially curated Mocktail’s by the students. The inspiration was the colors of the various stones namely  Space Stone, Soul Stone, Power Stone, Reality Stone and Time Stone ! Those familiar with the Marvel series will be able to connect, I just connected with the drinks !


Coming to the food, well curated, high on taste and did justice to the cuisine being represented. Live counter’s kept up the pace, perfectly managed food stations and a plethora of Desserts was a treat to the eyes and sweet tooth cravings !

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In the end, it was smiles and happy faces all over. The hard work that had gone into getting this event up may have taken a toll on the students but its the success at the end that mattered the most. Here’s some moments shared with the students and management of IIHM Bangalore and these are to be cherished for a very long time to come !


A beautiful evening wrapped up with many more to come ! 

To know more about IIHM – vist their website at

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