Asian Street Food Fest – 1Q1

Hey Garden City ! There is an Asian Street Food Fest going on at 1Q1 until the 2nd of December 2018 and that’s where I was earlier this week trying to successfully hog as many dishes as I can that the Asian continent has to offer ! The Street Food vibes was reminiscent in the way the stations were arranged right when one enters the place. First up , take a look at the menu that’s on offer – from Bao’s, Takoyaki’s, Rice Paper Roll’s to the Mi Goreng’s as well as loads of stuff on the grill , they’ve covered everything ! 

Now to what I managed to grab, of-course we were a bunch of folks on a food hunt and so we shared, we cared and we enjoyed every bit of it of what we ate.

Bao Station

Chinese products are hitting the streets everywhere these days, then why not go with some Chinese cuisine to start off as well – Tried two non-veg variants from the Bao station – Chicken Katsu & Kimchi and Pork Belly.  Bao bun’s itself were very soft just as they should be, I can get used to these so much so that I’ll prefer these more than the burgers. Chicken cutlet, Kimchi and a spicy mayo were a pleasant combination and so was the Pork Belly one, the only difference being Kimchi replaced with Salad in the latter. Both meat’s cooked to perfection and definite street food vibes



Takoyaki Station

Entering Japanese zone with Takoyaki, not only did we eat, we also got to see the chef in action as he got octopus delicacy prepped for us which I had to record for all you folks to see as well , here goes –

For my vegetarian friends, mushroom variant is the option you have and is no less than the octopus one – so hog on !


Grill Station

Let’s get grilling – loads of options. Top picks Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Skewers, Nam Prik Prawn from the land of Thailand, Grilled vegetables with Japanese miso karashi sauce – this one had broccoli which is my all time fav vegetable and Grilled Potato with Korean spices and sauce. Tasty food guaranteed but with the grills make sure you grab the food soon after its served else it will tend to dry out – so one at a time ! It’s all about the sauces !

PrawnsChicken SkewersVegetables on the grill

Rice Paper Rolls

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls – light and super thin. Veggies roll was just freshness and a healthier option too and they do have chicken and prawn variants as well. Easy to prep – take a look –

Rice Roll

Mi Goreng Station

Let’s enter the world of Indonesian noodles and I realized it’s not just  this country that we relate to the Mi Goreng’s but the time I spent in Singapore, this was literally my daily food to go to.  Just love the package – veggies, meat of your choice, the sauce, the shallots, the herbs – its just one party in the mouth ! 

Nasi Goreng

That’s pretty much what we tried here and while the focus this day was on the fest,  I’ve heard some good reviews on the rest of the menu so gotta make another visit to dine-in and try some of the other stuff ! Pricing is worth it and they have valet parking as well.

Click here for location

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