Gin & Grills Fest at “Lady Baga” !

             I’ve not been to Goa for a while now but being in a city that has no dearth of places bringing not just Indian but Global cuisine closer to home, tasting Goan cuisine  in Bangalore was a matter of heading to Lady Baga. I was here to try out what they had to offer as part of the Gin and Grills festival that’s happening till the end of November 2018.  The place is spread across 2 levels and the ambiance has a goan feel to it 


Interiors are done well with perfect seating for a good time. There was also a flea market going on for folks to Sip and Shop at the same time. Ambiance is colorful and lively which works well indeed.

Now focusing on the Gin & Grills Fest, compact menu with both veg and non-veg options. Here is the single page menu that speaks for itself.

Gin & Grills Menu

We were a group of folks which meant everything on that menu at-least on the food was on order, me being a hardcore non-vegetarian tried to stay away from veg as much as possible as they had everything from seafood to meat covered which meant paradise ! Before going to the food – it’s mandatory to try a Gin Cocktail especially since that’s the festival we were at !  I can’t get my eyes off the first one on the menu and hence it was –


Freshness guaranteed – Kaffir lime, pomegranate and Greater than Gin ! No complaints here. If not for a sore throat, I would have tried more from the menu or at-least gone for a second round but had to do with one !

Gin and Kaffir Lime

Moving on to the grills, all were served sizzling on a stone plate with portions of parsley rice, veggies and french fries along with the sauce opted for.


Well I guess the name says it all – delicious grilled chicken. Meat done well, good flavor profile and grab it hot.



Fish on the grill on the day we went was Butter-fish. Succulent and just cooked through, not dry and juicy textures. Seasoned well and good portion too. Happy !



Having beef steak after a really long time and was pretty impressed. The Steak doneness was almost medium well which is how I prefer it to be and it did eat well !



Prawns well done and fresh, Jumbo and meaty indeed. Goes well with the veggies and rice


Premium German Sausage 

Excellent Sausage ! I’ve had quiet a few before and its mostly been on the street or shacks. This one was the best of the lot !


It’s a meaty paradise but fret not there are some good choices for vegetarians too, Tofu & Mushroom is the only one I tried and was pretty content with it. Other options include Cottage Cheese and Brie Cheese variants.

Well Desserts are something that is mandatory to end the meal on a high, while the Gin and Grill menu has no desserts in it, the regular food menu at Lady Baga definitely has and is open for everyone to order anything from it as well. Three were on order for the group to share after that wholesome meal !


Authentic and traditional Goan dessert ! Multi-layered cake( similar to a halwa) usually with 7 layers of goodness made using simple ingredients like egg, coconut milk, ghee, sugar and plain flour. Served with ice-cream ( I wouldn’t mind not having the ice-cream at all ). Thumbs up !



The wobble says it all ! Served with touches of  apples and pomegranate. The texture was a bit more creamy but it did eat well overall.



Serradura basically means sawdust in Portuguese and that’s where the inspiration comes from. Sawdust because the crumbled biscuits represent it so. It was layered here with toffee and cream which brought out some wonderful textures. Dig your spoon right till the end to get that spoonful of goodness 


And its a wrap ! I need to go back here to try out the rest of the Goan cuisine that’s on offer. It’s a great place to hang out, spend some leisure time and enjoy Goa in Bangalore !

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