Hotel Bawa International – Mumbai : A Review

                   Mumbai is a city that had been on my list to explore and when I did get a chance, it was only for a day, unplanned and that too on work ! With literally no time to look for hotels for accommodation, a quick check for options near the domestic airport let me to Bawa International Hotel !  Not really knowing how much of a distance it was from the airport, a quick Google maps check meant it was time to walk from the airport to this place ( I later found out they had a free shuttle pickup and drop and was just a phone-call away – though i did not mind the 10 min walk ! )

The hotel had a check-in time of 12 PM and I reached early around 9.30 AM and was unsure if the room would be ready. I had already booked an executive room and made the payment. After reaching here, the front desk staff were very helpful, they did have a twin bed smoking room ready but I had opted for King bed non-smoking and were asking for my preference. Being a non-smoker, I prefer staying away from any signs of smoke and so decided to wait at the lobby while they sorted out available rooms.


The lobby was not a bad place at all to be in. Comfortable Couches with newspaper and brochures listing out places to visit in Mumbai meant I had something to look forward to. Clocks displaying times from different parts of the world was a nice addition.

The front desk did not keep me waiting for more than 15-20 mins and was handed over my room key ! The room was compact and had all the necessary amenities. Neat and clean. Just the perfect color for the walls and a well planned lighting meant the aesthetics was taken care off. Comfortable bed and soft pillows ensure a good nights sleep.

Executive RoomThe plug points were conveniently located. The couch and the coffee table rightly positioned both for watching tv or having food or just soaking in the view outside ( though there was not much ). Television had all the channels one would look for. Work desk gets a tick too !

Now for some room service, ordered for a paneer appetizer and chicken biryani and it took them less than 30 mins to get it to the room which was ok. Taste and Texture – great on both ! Quantity was sufficient for two people actually and me being a person who doesn’t like to waste food had to stuff it in and then of-course helped with an hour of nap time ! 

Paneer Starter
Chicken Biryani

The room booking came with a complimentary breakfast and while the food was good, the experience was not. There were a lot of tables already occupied when I stepped into the restaurant and there was one table empty at the far end which I soon realized why it was not occupied ! As soon as I sat , mosquitoes had gotten their breakfast ! With no other table left I had to scram after gobbling a quick breakfast. The staff were not helpful either, had to repeatedly ask for water, same for coffee and if I call one staff they would just pass it on and ask someone else to attend – an attitude that was the only negative factor in my stay here and actually made an unpleasant ending of a good stay here. 

Check-out was smooth and I managed to get a shuttle drop to the airport this time ! Would I stay here again – if not for the breakfast experience it was a definite yes, now I would explore other options first !

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