Shree Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai !

                        Mumbai – a city that never sleeps and though I am yet to explore the city to its core and have made a few short business visits, there is one place that I made it on my list to visit both the times I was here and every one visiting Mumbai should as well – is the famous Shree Siddhivinayak Temple in the Prabhadevi locality !

2018-08-10 20.50.55

Originally built in 1802 as a very small temple is now a landmark that every Mumbaikar can relate to ! As one nears the temple, you see this majestic and beautiful sanctum that is very pleasing to the eye ! I was here once on a Tuesday and then on a Sunday and as expected with any temple of Lord Ganesh, Tuesday was packed with people waiting to get a glimpse of the almighty ! Photography is banned inside the temple and so outside structures is what one can get a chance to capture but then its the experience inside that will be etched in memory and doesn’t need any photographs !


The entrance is free here but there is also a 50 rupees quick darshan option for those who are short on time ! The deity sits adorned beautifully and the experience is of bliss and inner piece. With many devotees in toe, its only a glimpse that one can get but its good enough to soak in a life full of experience ! Here is a night view of how the temple looks from outside !


Getting here is easy ! Take a local taxi / radio taxi like Ola/Uber from anywhere in the city to get here. Auto’s do not cater to this locality but there is no dearth of taxi’s. There is a free footwear stand for folks visiting and some shops/eateries as well near the entrance. One can also grab laddoo as prasad after completing the darshan ! Go for the experience!

Location link


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