Been There Done That ? Go for it !

         Indira Nagar – a locality where there is no dearth of places, be it a formal dine in or a pub to just hang out for some drinks or even some cafe’s or fast food. Amongst all the places , if you’ve not Been There Done That ? Go for it !  The place has got all the good vibes. Located at Level 3, the elevator opens up to a wonderful bar setup , take the stairs further up and it’s as perfect a dine-in setup as it can get. 


Ambience is lit ! Love the lighting ! Blue color all over is perfect ! Big TV screens/projectors with India – England cricket live – just the icing on the cake !


The tables alongside the walls are the best ! That subtle lighting, that comfy couch, that candle burning away  – a perfect setup to dine with your loved one or even on a date !

Now we were a big gang here this day and while there was a lot of food and drinks free-flowing, I will stick to stuff that went into my mouth ! Had to have a cocktail here and Spice Moscow Mule was my pick !  Vodka base with lime, ginger and cloves always works !


Let’s talk food now, Mezze Platter kicked off the hogging , hummus gets a big thumbs-up!


Mushroom and Spinach Soup was soul food ! The think creamy vegetable stock with the button mushrooms was delicious. Soups gotta go with salad and so Watermelon & Feta Cheese Salad was on the table – the watermelon part was good but then it needed more helping of cheese to get that balance at-least for me


More appetizers to keep the evening going

  • Tawa Fry Prawns – Good cook on the prawns, required a bit more masala or marination to elevate the flavour.
  • Sweet and Spicy Wings in Chilli plum sauce – Tangy flavour but plum sauce was a bit inconsistent.
  • Fish in hot Basil – Soft, succulent fish enhanced with basil flavour. Comfort.
  • Peanut Masala –  One word – Heaven !
  • Kaju Palak ki Tikki – Cashew and Spinach make up a great combination. Great option on the veggie front

Pizza’s,  Fried Rice, Pan Asian and European mains made up for the next course. My top picks – Egg Fried Rice and Sliced Pork with Chilli Bean Sauce

Desserts to complete the meal with Caramel Custard and Mud Pie doing the final honours. Custard has always been my preferred desert and it did deserve an applause here. Mud Pie was perfect too , one spoon was all that was required !


Service is good and valet parking is available. If you are heading here for the first time , it might be a little difficult to find considering the sign board is not easily identifiable but if you are following GPS like I did, trust Google Maps and stop at the destination and the valet friends would be there to assist. There is lot more that I would like to try here which means few more visits. If you’ve been here already , comment with your experiences too !

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