Crumb Together – Restaurant Review !

                  Crumb Together is right opposite Vega City mall in the city of Bangalore. An apt  restaurant name for a good get-together time while dining in with family and friends. This is a non air-conditioned place with most of it in the open which is a necessity considering hookah is also served here and smoking is allowed too. 


From outside, the place looks chic. Ambience is nice and well thought off. Seating is comfortable and arranged to the aesthetics of the place. Black always is so eye pleasing for me and adds to the charm !

Bar is available which I got to know has been operational since only a past few weeks which meant had to get something alcoholic and beer it was. Bring on Budweiser !


Now to the food part , the soups is what we started off with and pretty glad that we did.

Hot and Sour Soup

Spicy as it was expected to be. Soy sauce was in balance and we opted for a vegetarian variant which meant the broth was loaded with veggies. Good start !

Hot and Sour Soup

Roasted Pumpkin and Tomato Soup

Loved it and this is going to be on order every-time I visit here. This is a combination that I am not going to forget for a while. Pumpkin soup was so damn good and when it blends with the cold cream and the tomato soup – it was perfect !

Roasted Pumpkin and Tomato Soup

Cheese Balls

Loaded with cheese more of cottage cheese rather than cheddar. Seasoning was good, perfect round balls, consistent across and good texture every bite.

Cheese Balls

Vegetarian Platter

Platter time it was. Dahi Kabab,  Corn Seekh Kabab and Malai Broccoli. Kabab’s were good, seasoning is apt in both. Dahi one was soft and does have a good curd infusion. Broccoli has been my favourite always add Malai to it , it becomes irresistible ! This would rank for me along the same lines as the pumpkin/tomato soup

Vegetarian Platter

Pepper Glazed Chicken

Here is when we got lucky. This pepper glazed chicken is soon to be introduced and Thanks to chef we got to taste it before it hits the kitchen for everyone. It indeed is a great addition to the menu and would run well. Not just the glaze on the chicken but the bell peppers along with it works really well. Cooked well, peppery indeed and got wiped off the plates in minutes.

Pepper Glazed Chicken


On the mains, Chinese cravings led to this. Fried rice, Noodles, Veggies, Sauce, Herbs and satisfied.


Egg Biryani

Rice – good, aromatic, spices blend well, cooked just right with two boiled eggs. Raitha is something that was not up-to the mark and should have been a bit thicker while it was very watery.

Egg BiryaniDSC_0065

Chocolate Brownie

Washed everything down with a Brownie. Vanilla ice-cream to cool things down with a very soft brownie topped with Chocolate sauce is all that was needed to end the meal here.


Service is good. There is parking space available for both 4 and 2 wheeler’s which is a plus. They are working on introducing a few more dishes and the new menu should be out soon. There is good variety on the menu already and looking forward to more visits here.


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