A Day in Cuttack !

                                              Odisha, this east Indian state is one that I’ve been too quite a few times now both for business and leisure and while Bhubaneswar , the capital city is where I usually head too, the focus today is on the former capital of the state – Cuttack!  Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are often referred to as the twin cities and with less than 30 km separating the two its apt that they are called twins ! Here are a few places and eateries that I explored in a day in Cuttack ! 

Cuttack Chandi Temple


Ask anyone what to see in Cuttack and this temple will be the first you’ll hear ! The temple is of the presiding deity of Cuttack – Goddess Chandi and hence the name. It’s a small temple but step inside and it resonates bliss ! It’s quite famous and its gotta be the first thing to do in the city. I was here in the evening hours and its beautiful !


The diyas (lamp) all burning in tandem. The Prasada stall with all the good choices on the sweets is just perfect.

 And it was time of Aarti ( prayer) when we went which meant divine beats resonating.

Mahanadi Barrage 

Another prominent place that you would come across as you traverse through the city or to and from Bhubaneswar is the Mahanadi River. Head to the Mahanadi Barrage for some amazing views. Look for view points, connect with the locals to know the best one’s or just walk across the bridge like I did soaking in the moment and capturing memories. 


And if you are hungry , don’t worry – the gol gappa guy would be there to satisfy your cravings !



Naraj Barrage

Not exactly your ideal tourist place and nor is it exactly on the barrage. I was guided by my family members who are local to this city to this view point if I may say of the Naraj Barrage. It apparently used to be a hangout place years before and now it was a mess with garbage and unwanted plantation covering the entire area up – but having said that the views are incredible. 


This barrage is actually built to control floods on two interlinking rivers – Mahanadi and Kathjodi Rivers. What one will get to see here is the border where these two rivers meet. There was not much water in the rivers and so got an opportunity to walk down the pathway – it felt more like a border between two countries and was a great experience !


Not to forget the huge tree that welcomes one to this place.


Come monsoon and this place would definitely look different with water gushing all over. Not something I would recommend but if you want to experience the views as in the pics , go for it ! 

Buxi Bazar

Buxi Bazar as the name states is a Bazar (Market), the destination for all your shopping needs in Cuttack. While I came across quiet a few shops from textiles, footwear to electronics, the reason for a stop over here was a famous sweets shop that’s been around for years – Gouranga Sahoo Sweet Stall. They have a few tables for dine-in as well.



It’s not just sweets that they have and while we tried out ladoo’s which were good, the samosa or singada as it is known in this part of the country with a potato side was just what was needed to keep me going ! 




No, there is no typo, its not KFC but it’s Cuttack’s very own DFC which is Deep Food Corner. Again as a tourist or someone visiting the city for the first time wouldn’t know about this but ask the locals and they would tell you they have been famous in the streets for their Chowmein and so the same it was for order. Chicken variant was good and was tasty as it should be from the streets, but folks who have been having them for a while did indicate that its not as great as it used to be, but hey no complaints from me. They are apparently famous for their Biryani’s as well.


Also, tried their rolls, again Chicken and Veg and this was totally satisfying. The stuffing with all the onions, masala, meat and sauce is a party in the mouth !  We had opted for a take away but they have a dine-in as well and cannot really comment on the service.

And that’s a wrap of my day in the city of Cuttack. There is more to experience here and that’s for some other day now. Looking forward to your thoughts and share your experiences if you have been to the city ! 

If you are in Cuttack or Bhubaneswar, do not miss visiting Pahala – the destination for Odia speciality sweets. For details, click here.



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