Auntie Fung’s – Asian Street Fare !

                      Auntie Fung’s is your quintessential Asian Street Food place that ticks all the right boxes. It’s a small place located in the New Bel Road area of Bangalore right opposite Ramaiah hospital main entrance.  With a simple yet stylish decor representing asia in different ways and limited seats available for dine-in, the cuisine offered is as authentic as it can get ! Here on an invite to try out the relatively new menu that the resto had to offer.

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Kicked of the weekend evening with a Sweet Basil Lemonade.  Perfect drink to start off, balance was right, not too sweet and can’t beat basil !


It was time to relish some Asian street food and out came a line up of goodness.


Kung Pao Tofu

Stir fried tofu with bell peppers and peanuts. The Kung Pao sauce is home-made and plays a major part in the flavour profile of the dish. Originated in China, this place does justice to it with the style of cooking.

Stir Fried Asian Greens

Again secret sauce in play here. Healthier option with loads of greens wok tossed in an in-house sauce and served. Glad the dish sticks to the name it portrays – just greens indeed ! 


Chicken Yakitori 

Yakitori is a Japanese cuisine street fare which basically refers to grilled and skewered food and that is how the Chicken Yakitori was presented here. Glazed in a tangy teriyaki sauce with bite size chunks of chicken was easily one of my favourites for the day. Again its all about the sauces when we talk of these appetizers and the teriyaki touch was party in the mouth

Cambodian Chicken Wings

Honestly chicken wings are not my thing but the option of trying the same glazed with a Cambodian sauce made me go ahead with this one. First time trying cambodian and it tasted almost similar to BBQ chicken wings with a touch of sweetness. Herbs and garlic garnish added to the flavour.  Though the wings were perfectly wine, but on a personal front – still not my thing !!


Wok Tossed Lotus Stem

Lotus stem’s are making an entry in almost every restaurant’s menu and I am glad they are. This one was Wok tossed in a tangy sauce and with herbs. Simple and comfort food, the original taste of lotus stem is restored which is just how I would prefer. A bit of crunchiness with the sweetness of the sauce can get addictive at times.


Teriyaki Glazed Stuffed Mushroom

Well the name says it all  mushrooms stuffed with vegetables and glazed in Teriyaki sauce. It did eat well but have it hot !


Wasabi Prawn Tempura

Fried prawns with a kick of wasabi. Tempura’s – do I even have to say anything ? As long as they are fried to perfection and one get’s wasabi with it – nothing more to ask !


Drunken Lollypop

Chicken lollypop + Hong Kong Sauce + Sweet + Spicy + Herb + Chilly  = Finger Licking !


Nam Prik Pork

Chicken and Pork variations are available, I tried the pork one and it’s basically tossed in Nam Prik which is a Thai speciality sauce. Pork was well done and the sauce was packed with Thai flavours more on the spicy side. Herbs, bell peppers, chilli all adding up to a wonderful texture. This one tops my list of things to order the every time I am here !


Steamy Bao’s :

Texture of the Bao’s was excellent ! Thai connection bao on the veg and Teriyaki Chicken bao on the non-veg front were on the order.  While the pic below is of the Thai one , I did not try this one, what i did try was the chicken one and it was loaded !  After having so much teriyaki , my palate was fine tuned to its taste, in addition to the chicken – the pickled cucumber and the sesame crisps was excellent ! 


Burmese Khowsuey

A must try ! This is their special family recipe reaped with traditions and that clearly showed on the plate. It’s a coconut milk based noodle dish with condiments like peanuts, fried garlic, fried noodles and some chilli to go along. If you don’t like coconut , I would still suggest you try this because the texture is such that the taste of coconut is balanced and does not overpower. Available in veg and chicken options, it’s a perfect wholesome meal in itself and it can’t get more Burmese than this !



Vietnamese Pho

It’s time for some Vietnamese Soup ! I call it soul soothing ! Rice noodles, herbs, veggies, meat options of chicken and pork ! I can go with as many helpings as I can !


Darsaan with Vanilla Ice Cream

It was time to end the evening on a sweet note with a chinese dessert – Darsaan. This is basically  fried wonton strips dipped in honey syrup. Think of it as a chinese Jalebi but no lets not go there – this one is on a sticky note and the crispness of the wonton with the sweet syrup and the refreshing touch of vanilla ice-cream will make you go high !


Overall if you are craving authentic Asian – this is the place to be. Hospitality is to the T and pricing is totally worth it.

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