Sunday Poolside Brunch – Clarks Exotica !

                                             On a lazy Sunday, when getting up late is a norm followed by a swim in the pool on a bright sunny day with a sumptuous poolside brunch to fill up our tummies right after that swim ! Sounds heavenly enough ? Well that is exactly what Clarks Exotica – Bengaluru is aiming to do ! The luxury resort in addition to providing a comfortable stay is aiming to up the ante with the recently introduced Sunday Poolside Brunch alongside their Buvette coffee shop. Here on an invitation , the spread as part of the brunch was never ending ensuring diners are spoilt for choices ! 


When we say Brunch we are talking Breakfast and Lunch together and this place had no dearth of items on the spread that could classify in both the categories. Not to forget the live counters which I’ll come back to. I couldn’t possibly enlist everything that was on offer and no I ain’t no hulk to taste everything that was in front of me – I am gonna try and detail as much as I can !! 

Beverages – 

Just the perfect liquid refreshments for the summer – Masala Buttermilk, Orange Sweetlime Mint Detox Water, Chandan ka Sharbat – the latter was the winner hands down. Couldn’t stop at one !


Salads :

Great selection of salads. My top picks – Green Salad, Grilled Basa Fillet , Grilled Chicken and Egg Salad ! With such a variety – you are at a risk of  feeling satiated even without trying out the rest of the food on offer ! Be choosy!

Appetizers and Mains :

Sit back ! Cos just watching this may make you go high ! From Indian to Italian to Chinese – all the cuisines were in attendance and in good numbers !! Top picks – Chicken Tikka, Chinese Fried Fish, Crispy Vada’s, Methi Kofta, Chicken Chettinadu, Paneer Butter Masala, Soya Pulao and Mutton Biryani !

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Live Counters – 

To add to the already sumptuous meal were the live counters –

Kolkata Katti Roll – There were veggie and egg variants. Opted for the Egg Roll and was not disappointed ! Perfect Roll with generous stuffing of veggies. For me as long as the roll itself is from egg , stuffing or no stuffing it ain’t matter !  


Mongolian Counter – Loved it ! Right off the tava and packed with well see for yourselves in the pic below ! Party in the mouth !


Chaat Counter – Chaat is anytime anywhere food !  Tried the Sev Puri and it ticked !


Pizza Counter –

Veg and Non-Veg variants. Tried the non-veg one. Corn, halapeno, chicken, flakes, almost no crust and a miniature version good enough for tasting ! Eat well !


Pav Bhaji : Sizzling Bhaji with soft Pav ! Sums it up ! 


Special Vegan Menu –

Yes – you are right ! I am not done yet. It’s not just the Sunday Brunch that is the exciting news from this place, they are also starting off with their special Vegan Menu too. Here is a sneak peak on what you could expect.

Jamaican red bean soup :  Honestly, having it for the first time so without any set expectations ! Totally Liked it ! The bean works well in the soup form and the texture clicks. Very filling soup !


Butternut Squash Risotto : First up nice presentation ! Using the Butternut Squash itself to serve the risotto is a nice touch. Risotto was flavorful and cooked to perfection.


Vegetable Tian : Tian basically refer to an earthenware dish. This one is usually baked and primary ingredients include tomotoes, zucchini and eggplant but different variants according to the geography does exist. I ran out of my eating capabilities and couldn’t taste this one but it was visually very appealing


Celebrity MushroomsDid pop one of these in and I am happy I did ! Mushrooms stuffed with veggies, greens and spices ! 


Green Smoothie : Spinach, banana and pineapple based smoothie ! Unique but good ! 


Open Dimsums – Nah, couldn’t stuff em up in the mouth, just a pic ! Soak it in ! 


Apple Cinnamon Pie – Cinnamon hits you hard. Not a big fan but hey apple works ! Too sweet for my liking though !


Desserts – 

And to end the gastronomical extravaganza, were the desserts ! Again – loads to choose from and finally Paneer Jalebi , Pannacotta and a vanilla icecream was all that was needed to wash it down !!

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If you want to experience the same, all you need to do is land here on a late Sunday Morning and treat yourself to this feast. The Brunch is priced at INR 1399 onwards. Do call them for reservations as it was packed on the Sunday we went !

For more information on the resort and contact details  –

Happy Hogging ! 

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