The Irish House – Business Lunch Deal !

                              Let’s talk Irish ! Well not literally – I was up for an Irish House Experience in the VR Mall, Whitefield locality of Bangalore and that’s what we are talking or rather I am writing and you are reading about today ! My First visit out here and I am glad I made it for a pleasant experience.

Business Lunch Deal review was the reason for my visit and hence the focus is primarily on this menu. Their Ala Carte menu is diverse with a lot of variety  and they do have other deals as well but those will have to wait until I visit them again to try some of the other stuff. Here is the Business Lunch Menu 


The Business Lunch as you could see in the menu above is a weekday offering between 12 to 4 PM and is a steal with a pricing of INR 325 for veg and 375 for non-veg excluding taxes and service charge. One could pair it with a Beer or Sangria for an additional cost as stated. It’s a 3 course meal with an appetizer, a main and a side with some good options to choose from. Let’s get down to business and let me share my food experience.

Appetizers and Sides

I had a friend accompanying me which meant we could share and try the variety on offer. Started off with Herb Crusted Fish Nuggets and Grilled Peri Peri Cottage Cheese on the Appetizers while Grilled Veggies and Potato Wedges made up the sides. I know what you are thinking, why have sides with appetizers, aren’t they supposed to be with mains, Well you are right but we treated sides as an appetizer too while leaving the mains be the mains !! Call me Crazy ! 


Homemade Potato WedgesDon’t they look tasty enough on the pic below and trust me they were ! For me, if a restaurant or a pub cannot get their potatoes right, the expectations go down ! This one was up to the mark, all that seasoning and herbs with the potatoes cooked perfectly exactly how the wedges should be ! Call em a side, an appetizer or a snack – these are indeed very addictive !


Grilled Veggies – Another side that made me smile, especially since it had my favourite broccoli in it ! I used to crave for broccoli whenever I see a dish that has veggies listed but then the broccoli’s would never come, things are starting to look better now with more and more places realizing how good broccoli ranks in among the veggies and get included more often. This one had broccoli, carrots, baby corn and beans. A small bowl but packed with freshness and well glazed stuff that I could go back for !


Grilled Peri Peri Cottage Cheese : Now when you look for Paneer or Cottage Cheese in an appetizer dish, the regular ones that you will come across would be the tikka’s, the pakora’s, the satay’s, the manchuri’s or something similar. What I had here was a first timer – paneer glazed in if I am not wrong a paprika sauce ( apologize if not but you could always ask them – it adds taste ! ) with the peri peri spices and herbs ensuring party in the mouth. The overall texture meant a sweetness in the first bite but it gets spicy as you eat more of it. It takes a while to adjust to the taste if you are not used to it but trust me, it only gets better ! 


Herb Crusted Fish Nuggets – This is comfort food ! One that I need a box of while sitting in a Theatre watching an action flick ! Crunchy outside with succulent fish inside was a perfect marriage ! Consistency maintained across and it was fried to perfection with hardly any traces of oil !


And no we did not stop there, tried one more appetizer and side – Cheese Garlic Bread and Grilled Sicilian Chicken. Garlic bread was well garlic bread, just the regular, no fancy stuff and its got to be like this. Sicilian chicken is like your masaledar Indian curry. Small chunks of delish chicken dipped in a tomato,onion, capsicum based sauce. I would rather relate it to a red pasta sauce with veggies and chicken in it. I know its an appetizer but hey grab a bread and use this as a side dish too ! No complaints on the chicken !



Now to the mains – 

Spinach Corn Cake with Mustard Cream Sauce and Funghi Rice : Does the name not say everything ? Kudos to the well thought combination. Funghi Rice is essentially a version of Mushroom Risotto, the mustard sauce works well and the corn cake is indeed like a cake , soft outer layer yet binding the ingredients well. Spinach adds the healthier quotient.


Chicken Involtini with Pomodoro Sauce and Herb Rice – Chicken Involtini in other words is basically stuffed chicken breast, the stuffing varies from cook to cook, it could be spinach, mushrooms, cheese etc. This one though lacked in the stuffing, needed to be a bit more generous, hardly found anything stuffed in it but the chicken in itself was cooked well. Sauce and rice went well. This dish has an Italian flavour to it but it brought back memories of my favourite Chicken Rice dish in Singapore which is almost similar with the sauce and rice different.


And yes, with food like this, we had to pair it with a drink. They have limited options on the Beer for this deal and Kingfisher Draught is what I got. 


If Sangria or Beer is not your thing, they do have a limited mocktail options as part of this deal too. We got to try Melon Brainfreezer,  Tangerine Mojito and Salter Caramel and Apple Shake. All very refreshing with the sun beating down hard this summer ! 

And as you already know, its just not the food that leads to a good experience, the service and ambience matters too !  Ambience speaks Irish ! The Beer gyan, graffiti and the alcohol arranged all over the place is excellent. The seating is rustic yet modern. The lighting and overall decor speaks volumes of the effort that has gone behind in designing this ! A few television sets make sure the entertainment factor is taken care of especially during sport events like IPL !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Service stands out ! Would like to call out Roopa – who was the wait staff assigned to our table. She was excellent in explaining , suggesting things and was very helpful in regards to any query we had. Overall, an experience that will make me go back again to this place and to definitely try out some of the Ala Carte dishes on offer. The metro construction right outside the VR Mall where this is located is a hindrance to folks trying to get in here but its all worth it ! Cheers !

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