Traditional Odia Delicacies !!

                                  Whilst on a trip to the state of Odisha, India and when you have family members that are from the state, it was time to taste some of the traditional Odia delicacies right at home !!

Enduri Pitha 

Enduri Pitha is a traditional dish usually prepared during festivities but hey I was lucky enough to try them out without waiting for any festivals ! There are different variations or accompaniments that one could have the pitha with, I’ll detail out the one I got to taste. Pitha is basically a type of cake primarily made from rice flour and then stuffed  or filled with wonderful ingredients that is essentially a party in the mouth. The  ingredients would be coconut, jaggery, black gram and most important being the turmeric leaves. It can be served with basically anything that goes with it but we had the pitha with a potato based dish. It’s interesting to watch the pithas being served after being unwrapped from the Turmeric leaves that they are prepared and steamed in. The taste has a touch of sweet in it and with potatoes it made up for a perfect breakfast morning !


Chitau Pitha 

This classic Odia dish is more like a sweet variation of dosa. No stuffing on this one but the rice flour batter from which its made in itself consists of coconut, milk, sugar and ghee which gives it that sweetness. It was served with a similar potato based dish which complimented the pitha well. Chitau Pitha is pan fried on one side giving it that dosa similarity. Different variations of this with different names are prepared down south in the states of Kerala and Tamilnadu also I believe if my memory serves right. Had this during breakfast too and is a wonderful meal to begin the day with.


Now that I am back to my home city Bangalore, I am going to try exploring if we do get these somewhere here but nothing can beat the home version and in the state that its originated from ! Happy Eating !

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