Pristine Organics – Decades of Pioneering Millet Products !

                         In the last few years, Organic Food Industry has been growing leaps and bounds and rightly so ! With people understanding the benefits of Organic Food in terms of Health and Environment, this industry is here to stay. The recently concluded 3 day Organic & Millets 2018 International  Trade Fair  in Bangalore is an apt example of the amazing response that this industry totally deserves. An extravaganza that got the best companies, Farmer Groups, Government Bodies and the general public to connect, collaborate and promote. Pristine Organics is one such venture that has been pioneering Millet Products for two decades now and had put up a stall in this Trade Fair as well.


Pristine Organics founded in 1992 is a Bangalore based food technology and a pioneering company in R&D and manufacturing of organic and nutritional FMCG and IEM Products. This is the only Indian Company that manufactures critical Inborn Errors of Metabolism(IEM) diet for babies. Pristine has a team of about 150 people including a group of nutrition and food tech experts working towards creating the best products benefiting the society.


Before I get into the variety of food that the company has to offer, let me share some details on the Founder & MD of Pristine Organics – Mr. K.C. Raghu. A Food Technologist with three decades of experience in critical nutritional solutions, formulations and safe organic food productions. He is involved with organizations working in enabling organic cultivation with rare and exotic endangered varieties of crops in over 1000 villages in Karnataka with marginal and tribal farmers ! Ain’t it an achievement to applaud ???

He is also a regular columnist on food, nutrition, science, economy and social science and I thought it would be best if we get to know from the man himself on what he thinks of the organic and Millets world, how did he start the venture, the response and what should we expect from Pristine in the near future. Here is Mr K.C. Raghu with all the details – 

And now to the food part, the company offers a wide variety which includes baby food, breakfast cereals, millet biscuits, staples range, coffee and omega rich super foods and varieties of rice. Pristine uses a wide range of rare Millets in most of their products.


Millet Biscuits –  

Two variants of Millet Biscuits, both Mixed Millets but one is a Diet biscuit with No added sugar. Tried both and must say they are rich in taste and being organic its all about true health !


Millet Bread – 

Next to try were the Millet Breads. I can relate the taste to the other Brown Breads in the market and makes for a good breakfast or a snack time option anytime.


Breakfast Range :

Organic Cereal FlakesRagi and Mixed Millet Variants

The other options on the Breakfast range were the Millet Porridge and the Red Beaten Rice ( Poha)

Baby Cereals – Pristine as a venture was started with Baby Cereals and they’ve got a good variety to support as well. The 1st Bites range varies based on the age of the infants.

  • Ragi, Rice and Wheat – Stage 1 ( 6 to 24 months) – Another variant of this is the No Added Sugar one.
  • Ragi & Dal, Rice & Dal, Wheat & Apple – Stage 2 (8 to 24 months)
  • Mixed Millet & Banana, Ragi & Fruits, Wheat & Veg – Stage 3 (10 to 24 months)
  • Naturice – Single Cereal Supplement
  • Poushtik – Multi Cereal Supplement


Staples – 

Rare Millets and Rice :

 I dont have the pic for the millets but the variety included Barnyard Millet, Little Millet, Foxtail Millet, Kodo Millet and Proso Millet. They also have Rare Rice varieties which include Black Rice, Organic Red Rice and Kaje Rice.

Omega Rich Super Foods :

Seed Variety – Chia Seeds, Basil Seeds,Garden Cress Seeds and Flax Seeds.


Refiber – Mixed Millet Fiber Enhancer


Organic Jaggery 


Also available are Mixed Millet and Ragi Flour

Coffee, Rocksalt and Oil – 

Yes they have Coffee and Oil too. Coffee variants include Organic Coffee and Filter Coffee and Oil is Cold Presses Groundnut Oil and of-course the Low sodium Natural Salt.



Health Baskets :

Pristine also specialized in these Health Baskets which are customized per client requirements. These are tailored diets as per the specific health condition which consists of exotic combination of diverse organic foods range. Health Baskets are monthly supplied and is available for Weight Reduction, Sugar Control, Heart Health, Pregnancy and Lactation Diet. Nutritionists are available to help customers decide the best health baskets.


Where to Purchase From ?

Pristine products can be purchased from their online store – and delivery is Pan India





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