Roast & Grill Food Fest @ Aloft CBP

                                     Aloft Cessna Business Park – Bengaluru is known for coming up with these amazing Food Fest’s at its flagship restaurant – Nook. And they are back this time with their Roast & Grill Fest ! The Buffet is lined up with the best of veggies and meat grilled and roasted to perfection with the main course dishes complimenting the concept well. Went in here for a lunch invite and the experience was rewarding. Ambience is pleasant with comfortable seating. Let me get right to the food – 

What caught our eye immediately was the delish looking Red Snapper ! It tasted as delish as it looked ! Succulent fish , well cooked and seasoned right without overpowering the fish taste. It was melt in the mouth totally !

The ‘Kebab Bar‘ was the other hit section to try out. These were Live counters with different kebabs being dished out on the go. Mutton was the best of the lot with the veggie one not far behind. 

Mutton Kebabs 


Vegetarian Kebab


Chicken on the tawa had that nice tandoori colour going with spices along with onions enhancing the flavour. Sizzling goodness.


Chicken and Paneer skewers on the Tawa were a pleasant sight to watch. All these are best when consumed hot. The skewers were a one or two bite stick and grab the meat along with the veggies which included tomatoes, capsicum or bell peppers and onions for that balanced flavour.

Lamb Chops had the right flavours going. Meat cooked well and marination spoke for itself. A bit dry probably because we picked the cold one’s from the platter, but keep that aside and it ticks the rest of the boxes.


We had some theatre going on in our table with the smokey grilled paneer arriving in style. The aroma only increased the appetite more. Paneer did eat well though smaller chunks would have helped to have that consistent flavour spread evenly.


One of my favourites of the day. Roast Chicken seasoned well with spices and herbs that almost represent southern chettinadu cuisine. Absolutely loved the spice level on this one, boneless chicken with great texture. Party in the mouth.


What I like at this place is that be it any food fest or buffet , the salad section is awesome.Great variety and selection of salads with equal options available for both vegetarians and non alike. The Sea Food and Egg Salad would be the top pick for me. Not to forget the perfect assortment of chutneys and pickles they have to accompany the food !


Even though they have a great selection of cocktails, I had to opt for something hot just coming out an illness – which meant I chose Rasam !  A perfect thing to beat the cold.


Now to the main course, what stands out are a few unique dishes that are rare to find in other places along with the regular rice and side dishes. Some of my top picks would be as below – Not much to describe em, but soak in the pictures !

Malli Rice


Chicken Biriyani :


Prawn Curry :


Dahi Vada :


White Pumpkin and Raw Banana Curry


Papads and Fryums were in abundance and trust me they can get you  addicted !


Now to the desserts, again great assortment – Dark Chocolate Lemon Curd, Pistachio Bavarois, Pumpkin Pie and Carrot Halwa would be my top picks. Lot of it was flying quickly off the shelf and did not get a chance to try quite a few, probably next time ! 

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The Fest is only until the 25th of January 2018 and is priced at 1099+taxes. Grab em soon. If you don’t get a chance, trust them to come up with a different food fest soon !

For more details on Nook , visit their website





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