The Yellow Submarine ~ Under Food Journey !

                                     Well before you relate anything to the actual watercraft Submarine , let me clarify on The Yellow Submarine ! This one is definitely not under water rather it’s well on land and in the Bannerghatta suburbs of Bangalore city ! This classy Beer Deck and Dining Submarine themed restaurant is a place to head to for that perfect cozy open terrace experience with near and dear ones. 


Ambience is very soothing. Was here for lunch on an invite but looking at the place, it is going to be beautiful with lights turned on in the evening hours. Different seating styles meant mood preference is taken care off. From High chairs, to couches and regular chairs, they’ve got it all ! 

Few aspects that stand out are the views from the place, the bottle fountain, the bridge, the stage area and the greenery that has been incorporated in the overall setup !

Let’s get to the most important aspect – the Food and the Bar !

Started off by going ‘Across the Universe‘ – their signature cocktail and I am impressed. You don’t see Betel Leaves being used very often in Cocktails – this one had Vodka,Betel Leaves, Rose Petals, Rose water, Grenadine, Rose Syrup and Mint Syrup ! One of the best I’ve had in a while !


Off to Starters – good variety to choose from both Veg and Non-Veg side of it – 

Lotus Stem in Chilli Coriander Plum Sauce – Gotta be honest, never knew Lotus stem can be put to use in this way too. Was hesitant on how it would taste but first bite changed my opinion and I started digging for more ! Now I might go back for this one ! Love the garnish too !


Masala Papad – Regular stuff you may say , yes you are right to some extent – well it has papad topped with onion, tomato and raw mango salsa but wait for it until it comes and you will know what I mean – it also comes with a Mint Coriander Foam ! Interesting ain’t it and  is music to the mouth as well ! 


Club Style Mutton Vada – One of my favourites here, Slow Cooked Raan with a good vada texture and nice Garlic Dip and Salad to go with. Vada was melt in the mouth and the touch of Pomegranate adds that acidity to it. 


Potato Rosti Chat – Lots going on this plate.  Cured Cherry Tomato, Sev,  Lemon Paprika Curd,  Chaat Masala or Spices, Pomegranate, Peanuts and Tamarind Glaze. In simple words, a wholesome Chaatsome plate ! 


Shiitake Mushrooms with Plum Sauce – For all those who are Shiitake fans with a sauce that is suited for Asian Palate, this is your dish. Sesame, Yellow and Red Bell Peppers and all the herbs in the garnish make up for good bite.


Onion Samosa Chaat with Beetroot Hummus is another could not find anywhere else kind of a starter. Tasting beetroot hummus for the first time and I am starting to like the Beet more now. The Pickled Cucumber and the Paprika Cream are perfect additions to the dish and all the ingredients are very well balanced. Nothing fancy about the samosa itself, plain and simple onion stuffed but have it with that hummus and Cream and it’s fantastic !


Mutton Seekh Kebab – Regular appetizer found in almost all restaurant’s that serve non-veg. The difference lies in how well the cook is. The one here was well done. Kebab was succulent with perfect tender meat and great on taste.


Hoisin Pork Belly  with Sauteed Onions, Bell Peppers and Burnt Garlic. Though the Pork itself was on point, that Broth was delicious ! Even if the Pork was left out, I would just grab that Broth anytime ! 


Once the order is placed and while you wait for the food, this assortment of breads and dips come out which is very satisfying indeed. This one is a complimentary on every table.


Now for some mains – 

SeaFood Risotto – Risotta not the best one I would say but taste wise good. Calamari and Prawn were the Sea Food components in the dish. Creamy and a bit sticky as a Risotto should be !


Chicken Dum Biriyani  – Not very often one get’s a Dum Biriyani in a Resto-Bar and when it’s on the menu, you gotta try it. Out came the Biriyani with the perfect Dum style presentation , covered and ready to be cut open


Wonderful colour on the dish after its cut open. The Aroma was there and the long grain rice was cooked right. The masala was in the right amount giving a good texture to the biriyani and the flavour was right up there. Chicken was tucked in soaking in the spices and well cooked overall. Raitha was a perfect add on ! 


Cut to the Desserts and there are 5 on the menu to choose from all sounding very interesting which made us try 3 of them.

Espresso Pannacotta –  This looked like a piece of art on the table. The Rum Soaked Raisins, the toasted Marshmallows, the Ginger Bread Pure all adds to the magic. Excellent excellent and excellent ! 


Baked Cheese Cake – Another perfect presentation. Cheese Cake was just perfect. The Berries and Mousse is a good add on that sings well with the cake. Melt in the mouth and an eggless at that one too ! Well done !


Housemade Snicker Bar – I did not know what to expect especially since Snicker is not one of my favourite things and was wondering if there is going to be a lot of that Snicker chocolate feel to it so here is what I got – some of the elements of Snicker was definitely there but this one is a Dessert of a different level and not a chocolate, so when you see a lovely sponge topped with chocolate almond Praline, Milk Chocolate Mousse with a salted caramel glaze – I am happy !



Service was great. The Manager Mr Mayank who surprisingly is also the executive chef ensured our needs and requests were taken care of. The best part about this place is the awesome pricing. Everything is priced at its minimal if we compare to similar dishes elsewhere. 

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