BBQ’D – Goodness on the Grill !

                           Barbecue restaurants are a Foodies paradise and though there are many in Bangalore, certain areas has a dearth of the same. One such location is the CBD area and its neighbourhoods, well fret not – BBQ’D in UB City has come to the rescue and in a massive way too as the place is the brainchild of celebrity Chef Zorawar Kalra.


Ambience is Uber cool. Spacious and comfortable seating. Elegant interiors and lighting. The Brewery adds a nice touch and a wait area at the entrance is just the thing that is needed these days. I would aptly call it as a Fine Dine Barbecue place ! 

The Buffet menu is compact and good. The way the meal is curated deserves an appreciation. Soup, Grills on the table, The Dumplings, The Pizza, The Platter to Plate all come to the table and then the spread for the main course and desserts to pick up. Live Counters ups the ante of the meal and the one’s that were active when we went was the Chat , Salad and the Pasta counter.

On the Soup’s opted for the Non-vegetarian once which was Chicken Lemon Coriander Shorba which had the right balance of the ingredients. Simple soup yet good on health.


Now to the fun part – the Grills on the table . From the vegetarian section, there was

  • Charmoula Cottage Cheese (Paneer)
  • Exotic Grilled Veggies
  • Herb wrapped Baby Potatoes
  • Charcoal roasted Mushroom

Paneer was excellent – soft , well marinated and give it a touch of oil or sauces while on the grill and it is going to be delicious.


Grilled veggies include cauliflower as well which not many places have on the grill.Herb wrapped potatoes was one of my favourites here


Lets focus on the Non-vegetarians shall we ? On the Grill – 

  • Chicken espatada
  • Masala Fish Tikka
  • Desi Harisa Prawans Skewer
  • Melting Malai Tikka


I  really cannot pick one over the other, each had its own unique taste factor. Prawns were bite size and good. Chicken espatada stood out because of its rum flavour. Fish tikka had succulent juicy fish ! Here’s a closer look at each – 


Chaat options add that variance and a refreshing palate when barbecue is on a roll especially the one’s that have Dahi ( Curd) in them and that’s what we had – 

Now to the  ‘Platter to Plate‘ varieties. The Vegetarian platter plate had Dahi Kebab, Palak and Dates Kebab and some crunchy corn. Dahi Kebab was perfectly executed, I’ve had it in a few different places and was not very happy with it, I attempted to make something at home which I failed miserably so having a perfect one here was a plus. Palak kebab too was soft and melt in the mouth, had the flavour packed and dips/chutney to go with is comfort to the soul.


The Non-vegetarian platter had Moroccan Mutton Seekh Kebab and Chicken 65

Mutton Kebab was good and when I say good I mean it ! Chicken 65 had the taste but a bit more spices would have done it for me.


We did try out a chicken salad and Vegetarian pasta with red sauce from the live counter. Now these are suited to individual taste, preference and the ingredients one picks for the pasta or salad, so I would not comment saying that its good for all, but the one’s that we tried was executed well. For the Pasta, we had Penne chosen with Broccoli, Mushrooms, Corn and some herbs with Red sauce and our Pasta master got it to us with a nice touch of cream and butter.

Also on the table, one would be served with dumplings and Thin crust pizza , we had opted for Non-veg and in came the one’s loaded with Chicken. Dumplings were plain and simple as they should be and had a good filling of chicken. Thin Crust Pizza was definitely thin crust which meant a perfect bite of cheesy chicken goodness.


It’s time to leave the table and take a walk to the main’s buffet spread which included some of the finest Indian and Asian dishes. Going into details of a few which we tried – 

Paneer dish is a must buffet or no buffet and this one was awadhi style and I would give them a big thumbs up.


Guess what ??? I know its easy to guess – Chicken Biryani ! First one’s to grab fresh off the lid and it was full of aroma and taste.


After my recent Jaiput visit, Laal Maas cravings were not leaving me until I found the same here ! Taste wise – yes they do match up with the one I had in Jaipur. Mutton – well cooked.


No meal on a buffet without Dhal they say ! And so here we are , both yellow Dhal and Makhani. Just tried the yellow one and no complaints here. Tadkedhar ( I just made this up , pls dont google 🙂 ) ! 


Jaipuri Tahiri – A different rice dish with roots in UP and Jaipur. Tahiri is mostly associated with sweet rice but this one is an equivalent to a veg biryani or pulav with spices playing a major role.


OK ! Desserts ! And you know when you are in a buffet place, you will be spoilt for choices. The Dilemma of wanting to try all and finding that small little place in the corner of the tummy to stuff food in – yes, tats the feeling right now.

Indian Desserts include Jalebi, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Moong Dal ka halwa and Brown butter Phirni with caramel pears. My Favourite was the Phirni – unique and delicious ! 

Cut to the European desserts – there was Cinnamon Cake, Fruit Tartlet, Tiramisu and Cheese Cake. My Top pick would be the Cheese cake and the Fruit Tartlet for its subtleness.

Psst – there is also one final thing that you should try – the Live Dessert ! 

Yes – Go for the Candy Floss Ice-cream with the flavour of the day. It’s the best of cone ice-cream combined with Candy Floss fun ! Grab it for that sticky feeling on your face after you are done with the Floss ! 


Hospitality was on top. Steward assigned to our table was at his best. Mr Rishi – the duty Manager ensured we were happy and took our feedback positively. Parking is available in UB City – so no worries there. Pricing does justice to the food and service here. Highly Recommended ! 

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