Jai Mahal Palace – The Taj Experience !

                            When in the Pink City of Jaipur, and Royalty is in your mind, head to the Jai Mahal Palace and let the Taj group let you experience the same ! A property so lush and exquisite that one can start experiencing the hospitality right at the entry gates  with the guards welcoming each guest with a very resounding ‘Khamma Ghani‘ and so did every person we met inside the palace hotel !  Being welcomed with a garland, a tikka and a welcome drink – we were already made to feel at home. While the check-in formalities were being completed, we sunk in the beautiful lobby admiring the detailing  that has gone into making this place look impeccable.



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 The lawns in the palace are so full of lush greenery. Divided into different sections  each with a different reason and Chhatris (Dome shaped pavilions) dotting the front of the palace, the view is simply bliss. The hotel looks and is majestic ! Here are some visuals –



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Now to the room, the reservation was for a Luxury category room with a Pool or Garden view and that is exactly what we got. Simple yet elegant with shades of blue across is how I would describe the room to be. Lot of thought has gone into the design as well, be it the lighting, the fan, the bed, the pillows, the couch , the mini bar , the switch positions everything was just perfect. Bathroom and the room as a whole was clean to the ‘T’ which meant Housekeeping were at the top of their work.  The art work on the walls, the clock, the flower vase adds to the ambience  and the idea of keeping the water bottles closer to the bed is well thought of.



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The view from the room was Pool facing and it was awesome to look at Pigeons flocking the pool for their daily dose of water.



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An important part that contributes in making a stay excellent is the food and it did make an impact in a positive manner. Our experience with room dining was great, food was quick to be brought in after the order is placed and served hot too ! Taste and texture was right up there for all that we tried.



On the restaurants – ‘Marble Arch‘ is where we had our Breakfast buffet and they stand out in both service and food. Below are some glimpses from the breakfast. This restaurant not only serves breakfast but offers a multi-cuisine experience with Indian,Continental and Oriental dishes on offer but my experience was limited to just the breakfast.



What we did not miss though was dining in at at ‘Cinnamon‘ and they mean it when they named it that way because cinnamon is what you get as you enter. What also stands out is that it’s all traditional, elegant and contemporary. 

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We managed to dine in twice here , one for a very special anniversary dinner at the ‘Royal Bajot’ section which is a traditional way of low table seating and enjoying the meal being seated on the floor with the food on this decorated low table. The second time we dined in here was during lunch hours in the regular dining section. The ambience is so beautiful and it sure has a royal feel to it. Food and service was excellent. Zafrani Pulav, Vegetable Biryani, Gatte ki kadhi, the excellent mocktails, the wonderful wine, the Badam shorba would be the top pics for me.



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Not fair if we did not walk around the lawns and experience the other activities and so we did. First up was the Play area for kids ( yes – we had a kid with us so had to go 🙂 ). Though the play area was vast and lot of stuff around but it had rained just a few minutes before and every thing was wet so we just had to walk around which was equally appealing.



But, but , but to our surprise , we found peacocks in all their glory and it was so pleasing to watch these stunning birds.


Some of the services we did not try were the Gym and Spa one’s and we missed the buggy ride as well. But we did enjoy playing Chess not on a small board but …. see for yourself below 

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Here is a shot of the swimming pool which again we did not get a chance to dive into –


What we enjoyed the most here were the entertainment events that the hotel had organized. Loved the Puppet show, frankly it was my first experience watching a puppet show live and that too on live music.

DSC_0265 (2)

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Another enthralling experience here was the Rajasthani Folk dance performance. It was so awesome and kudos to the artists for the amazing performance.


A lot of credit goes to the staff without whom the experience wouldn’t have been so exceptionally great. I have to list out a few folks who deserve to be appreciated for the great work that they are doing – 

  • Mr Ashok Rathore – General Manager : Though I did not meet him personally during our stay but email communincation before our stay on our needs and special requests like a late check-out was sorted out even before our arrival by Mr Ashok,
  • Mr Mukesh Kachware – F&B Manager : For ensuring that our anniversary dinner was a great experience and reaching out to me as soon as we arrived.
  • Mr Moolchand – Restaurant staff at Marble Arch : For his great service during our dine-in and for his exemplary service and decades of working for Taj with a big smile
  • Mr Aslam – Restaurant staff at Marble Arch :  Stand out service and always smiling
  • Ms Pragati – Restaurant staff at Cinnamon :  For being the perfect host during our anniversary dinner , explaining the meal and being there assisting till we were done with our meal.

There definitely were others or rather all of the staff whom we came across for making our stay as good as it was. A word of appreciation for the chef as Cinnamon as well, if i am not wrong he is fondly known as ‘Panditji’ (Pardon if he is not) for the excellent gourmet experience. Overall an awesome stay and would highly recommend for anyone visiting the city of Jaipur !



  1. Loved the peacock in the park ! That’s one thing everyone wants to tick off their list when you visit Rajasthan. Cinnamon, zaffrani pulao, folk dance, khamma ghani.. everything smells of Rajasthan and it’s uniqueness from the rest of the India. Glad I read this. But hey, few pictures aren’t getting loaded.. maybe you can consider reducing their size.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, yes, yes! This is the perfect place to stay. The hotel is so grand and luxurious. Food looks amazing with all the different types of cuisines. Breakfast looks like a feast fit for a king!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wow, looks like an excellent place to stay and enjoy a bot of India’s culture indeed. I love the traditional folk dance, so vibrant and love the rythm.


  4. I always admire Rajasthani folk dance, the one place where you can see the colourful India. Jaipur was always our weekend getaway during school days seeing this Folk Dance and Jal Mahal makes me Nostalgic 🙂


  5. Rajasthan is famous for its hospitality. This seems like a great experience especially when Taj Group and Rajasthan are together!! I love Rajasthani culture and their folk dances. Your post reminds me of my multiple beautiful experiences in Rajasthan. Great food, great place and great hospitality with a touch of rich culture. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience! 🙂


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