Gloकal ! A Review !

                           Gloकal Junction is your friendly neighbourhood resto bar that aims to bring Global cuisine with a local touch. Located at  IndiraNagar in the city of Bangalore, its an apt place to go for both drink and party as well as a family dine-in experience. In their own words – ‘Glocal is a place where you expand your world to new experiences both Global and Indian’ and so we were here to experience the same.


Ambience is simple and rustic. Two levels with good seating and dim lighting that gives it a nice feel. We were here on Independence day and tri-color balloons welcomed us all over.

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The Bar is all glassy and glittery and the Bartenders at their best. It was a relaxed lunch hours for them allowing me to take a snap before the ever busy evening hours

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Had to start off with  drinks after going through what they had to offer. Tried a few of their cocktails.

Basil and Watermelon Smash – Blend of Vodka, Watermelon, Basil and Black Pepper. Refreshing and balanced flavour of alcohol and fruit.

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Toxic Box – One of their signature cocktails with a blend of Vodka, Litchi, Galangal and Lemongrass served in a tetra-pack. 

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My partner in crime decided to try a mocktail – Chili Monk which consists of Khus, Chili, Soda, Definitively Chili with a kick. Though different but excellent !

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 Coming to the Food, lot of Small Plates, Grill and Street Food selections to start off a meal or to go with drinks. Here’s a few that we tried

Tokri Chaat –  Good – yes ! Being the street food person I am, would have preferred some more chatpata taste in it , if you know what I mean ! Nonetheless, bite size tokri’s are great way to start.

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Grilled Barbeque Veggies – One of my favourite of the day. Veggies grilled to perfection with barbeque sauce adding that nice flavour profile. Especially the mushrooms and broccoli was yumm !

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Caribbean Chicken Kebab – Another top class dish. Perfectly cooked chicken with basil enhancing the taste to next level. Succulent and mouthwatering !  One thing I would change and not just in this dish but other small plates as well is the bun and corn cob served along with the main ingredient which at least for me does not go well. It often goes unnoticed and untouched with the focus on the main.

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Moving on to some pizza’s – Vegetable Ultimo and Meat Ultimo.

Thin crust of these pizza’s is so well done and crunchy. I am always in favour of thin crust for a pizza which otherwise feels like eating a lot of bread. These one’s were perfect with the veggie one loaded with tomatoes, olives, broccoli, cottage cheese, mushrooms and I think a bit of pineapple. Meat one was loaded with 4 way chicken which was indeed a good thing to do as it got variety of taste with the same meat. Cheese level just right – not too more not too less. Not too heavy in the palate and an easy eat.


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Now for some mains and these one’s are totally Indian –

Paratha with Paneer Butter Masala – Simple dish – plain paratha served with some butter loaded paneer gravy. Can easily taste the butter and could be heavy if you are not used to it but for those who like this version of paneer , don’t miss it !

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Kori Gassi Thali – Kori Gassi is basically a Mangalorean style of cooking chicken primarily  coconut and red chilli based. This one is a Thali with Rice, Neer Dosa, Papad, Pickle and salad along with this real good gravy. Very filling plate of food and all that spices and aroma in the Kori Gassi is to the ‘T’


Time to finish off the meal with some desserts –

Kolkatta Paan Cheese Cake – One of the best dessert’s I’ve ever had. Cheese cake rolled in a Paan with all the right things to eat. First bite will hit you with Paan, dig in and you find that cheesy cake ! 

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Red Velvet Cheese Cake – Velvety ! Cheesy ! Perfect ! Done ! Dusted !

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Service is good and food came out in a steady pace. Staff know the menu well and are able to explain what each dish is. Good to go ! 

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