Oh So Stoned !! High on Ice-cream !

             Ice Creams ! Sundaes ! These are things that one cannot stay away from for long !! Gone are the days when an ice-cream meant something on a stick or a cup with a limited set of flavours to choose from. Well not really gone , whenever there is cravings for ice-cream , these sticks and cups come to the rescue !! But what has changed is the way the ice-cream has evolved into something exotic and of course stoned, one such place working hard on turning the tables is Oh So Stoned ! 

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This is their first outlet in Bangalore and aptly located in one of the uber malls in the city – Orion mall ! Invited to experience and get high on ice-cream, we took on as much as our palate and hogging capacity would allow ! 

Red Velvet Ice Cream –

Red Velvet Cake is something everyone has tried it but converting the flavours into an ice cream and being good at it is top class. It’s got everything that the cake would have with the addition of the ice cream goodness topped with a chocolate sauce. Highly recommend this one if you visit this place.


Rum Baba –

Well when starting off the article with a mention of High on Ice Cream, we literally meant being high ! As the name goes – its Rum to get you high ! Take Coffee Ice-cream mix it with rum and dunk it up in chocolate rum sauce n voila – Rum Baba ! It does contain enough rum to get you as high on alcohol as not being able to drive safely anymore ! So caution here my friend – as far as taste goes, chocolate, rum, ice cream – err – do I say more ?

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Whiskey Caramel –

if Rum Baba is not enough to get you high, dont fret – here’s Whiskey Caramel to the rescue. Vanilla Ice-cream, chocolate marshmallow biscuit and whiskey caramel sauce will do it for you. Look at the pic below and the glaze would indicate all the whiskey there is in this. Definite stand out ice-cream and the blend works well.


Paan Shaan –

People who know me well know that anything Paan is my thing and so Paan Shaan was the next on tasting queue. This one is a Kulfi ice-cream infused with Paan flavour and some Coconut shavings on top. Another great one but I am not a big fan of coconut on top and would do without it the next time I order this. That’s my palate preference though, coconut could actually work wonders for some.


Coconut Jaggery Crunch –

Strictly for those who like Coconut – this will be heaven ! Vanilla icecream, cashew jaggery brittle, jaggery coconut sauce and crunchy cocunut shavings – there cannot be  a more coco-nutty ice cream than this ! 

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Fruit Factory – 

Though most the ice-creams here have no preservatives,  here is one for health conscious folks – a Factory of Fruits. I will let the pics do the talking and one can see the amount of fruits that has gone into this one.

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Nutella Taco – 

Now here is some innovation – Icecream in a Taco ! Not on their menu yet but out soon. This one is a Nutella Taco consisting of Vanilla Icecream topped with Nutella sauce. Ice-cream in a Taco is an interesting idea and something I think the masses will like it. Be prepared to get messy as you eat this ! 

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Now lets get to some of the Shakes — 

Cookies and Cream Shake –

Now I know I am going to offend a lot of people if I say I don’t like Oreo, but hear it guys – I don’t , so you know why this is my least favourite of the all – not because its bad , only  because it has Oreo. But for those who love it , this is a shake you ought not to miss ! 


Choco Haven –

This on the contrary , I would be the first to gulp down cause it contains brownie bits ! Chocolate icecream, brownie bits and hot chocolate fudge sauce – perfect.


Berrylicious Shake –

For all Berry lovers , this shake is a must try. Right balance of berry sauce with the vanilla ice-cream turned into a shake. Sugar well balanced !


Know this – they aren’t just getting you ice-creams but have a range of Chocolates as well. Tried the Almond Toffee and it was as rich and decadent as it could get. Their manufacturing unit runs by the brand – ‘La Bouche La Bouche’ and that’s what you get to see on these boxes.

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And Finally – take a look at one of the Ice-creams being stoned in action ! The Brownie Blast coming together – 

Not going to talk much on the Ambience cause it’s in the food court of a mall. Service is excellent and the staff always serve with a smile. Pricing is competitive. Go for some greatness ! 

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