The ‘Peacock’ Restaurant !

                     Peacock is the National Bird of India and yes our country takes pride in it, so when we found a restaurant in Bangalore that’s named after this majestic bird, we had to ask the question, why ?  Well the Restaurant ‘Peacock’ considers itself as proud worthy as the bird in terms of exhibiting their culinary strengths by bringing in the best of Indian cuisine and  ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction !  After this introduction, we had to start eating !

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The place has a beautiful ambience. Soulful lighting and a cozy seating arrangement sets things up for a good dining experience. Part of the dining  is like these small enclosed area with an outside view through a glass wall which gives it a private dining feel. Couch seating is comfortable. Wall decor simple and elegant with beautiful art work on display.

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Let’s get to the food , shall we ? The Restaurant offers both Buffet and Ala Carte options. Invited here to taste the delicacies from their newly launched menu along with a Blogger friend  Noor ( ,we opted for Ala Carte to try out different options

Butter Milk got things going and it was a refreshing one. Beats any soft drink if one is looking to get things started for a sumptuous meal.

2017-07-01 12.33.15

Dahi Puri and Dahi Paapdi from the Chaat menu was next. Both had the same filling of potato cubes, curd, mint sauce, tamarind chutney and sev. Had the necessary seasoning and good in taste as well.

2017-07-01 12.32.28

Next on the table ( I was actually waiting for this one 🙂 ) was the Non-Veg Platter ! Nice presentation and good selection of cutlery. If you are wondering, whats all the stuff in the pic below and how did it taste – here you go 

  • Fish Fingers – Succulent fish, good amount of coating and fried to perfection.
  • Mutton Seekh Kebab – Taste and Texture just right. Flavor as expected. Seasoning perfect
  • Chicken Wings –  Another good appetizer on the platter, cooked to perfection. Texture of the wings was well done.
  • Chicken Tikka – This one ranked the lowest, there were really tiny pieces of bone and a lot at that which did not eat well, making it boneless would have been perfect on the platter.

2017-07-01 12.30.21

We had to try a vegetarian starter and ‘Cheese Tikka‘ won the battle ! One of my favourite dishes for the day. Deep fried Kebab with minced spinach, vegetables and loaded with cheese. Too many calories ? Yes ! But for the taste, I will workout an extra hour 🙂 !

2017-07-01 12.14.01

Needed a drinks break after these appetizers and before the  main course, and so it was mocktails time ! Pick Me Up (How apt was this name in the situation) was my drink which was a blend of Watermelon Juice, Peach Juice, Passion Fruit Juice,  Apple Juice, Ginger Syrup and Fresh Ginger ! First few sips and that ginger flavour hits you, few more sips and you get to taste the different juices. Good !

2017-07-01 12.25.04

Off to the main course – and had to try the Chicken Biryani and must say it lived upto expectations. The flavour was there and so was the texture. Satisfying indeed. Chicken was cooked well and the rice for the biryani was perfect. Simple garnish on top.

2017-07-01 12.09.26

 Also, tried the Ajwani Fish Masala with some steamed rice. Though the masala was good and had the right amount of spices in it , the fish used was Basa which did not go well with the dish. Other than that, the ajwani flavour was infused well.

2017-07-01 12.11.24

 A meal never ends unless there are some good desserts. We opted for Gajar ka halwa( Carrot Halwa) and some Rice Kheer. Without going into a detailed review, I will end it in one word – Delicious ! 

2017-07-01 12.07.512017-07-01 12.06.55

Service needs some improvement. It takes quite a while for food to be served after the order is placed. The wait staff are great and are on top of their work. Its probably the kitchen that needs to dish out food faster. Valet parking is available which is a plus.

For more details on the restaurant – refer below

Website –

Peacock Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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