With the rising number of places to dine in the Marathahalli and surrounding areas of Bangalore, options are aplenty – but with places like Chefactory that focus on delivering some quality food right at your doorstep, stepping out may not be necessary anymore ! They do have a few tables to dine in as well, so if you wish to step out and visit – please do so or let them deliver for you to enjoy some good food from the comfort of your home or office ( yes, they deliver to work places too) ! 

We were here on an invite to try out what they have to offer. Menu ranges from Appetizers, Biryani’s, Meal boxes , Rolls, Sandwiches, Some curries and Beverages. It’s a small quick service place with a simple ambiance and an open kitchen. Place is well maintained, clean and neat arrangement in the kitchen as well.

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We were here for lunch on a scorching sunny day which meant it was time to start off with a cold beverage and Icy Lime it was ! Very very refreshing and lime is always a best way to beat the heat. The place is not air-conditioned but they do have coolers which I felt were good enough considering it’s a small place.


Let’s get to the food now – we started off with some appetizers.

Paneer Adhraki Tikka – Flavorful chunks of Paneer, well marinated and soft ! Melt in the mouth and had the right amount of Tandoor time to it ! 

2017-05-16 21.55.06

Coastal Murg Tikka – Definitely had the coastal feel to it. Spices got the taste going. Chicken was tender and juicy ! Can keep on hogging this one !

2017-05-16 21.52.31

Murg Peri Peri Tikka – Peri Peri – Yes ! Succulent chunks of chicken – Yes ! Taste good – Yes ! Need I say anything more ?

2017-05-16 21.54.09

Punjabi Tangri : Who can say no to this ? Grab one when its hot though to get the best flavor. It was one meaty drumstick. Picture says it all.

2017-05-16 21.48.21

Moved on to try the Paneer Adhraki Roll – This was one of the biggest rolls I’ve ever had, loaded with Paneer and the right amount of sauces and veggies stuffed. One of these is good enough to end your meal craving ! 

2017-05-16 21.56.31

Paneer Makhani : One of my favourite dish of the day ! I would call this a true Makhani. The Aroma and the thick gravy was just the best to go with some parathas !


Murgh Dum Biryani : Another dish that gets a big thumbs up from me ! Excellent flavour and spices, long grain rice and the biryani masala – all top of the stack ! Egg is icing on the cake ! 

2017-05-16 21.46.06


Subz Dum Biryani – Second every comment mentioned above for the chicken biryani exception being the meat in this one.

2017-05-16 21.40.06

All of the biryani’s ( veg,chicken and mutton) are rightly placed in some excellent Handi’s – probably one of the reasons for the infused flavour as well

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We ended our meal with these soft melt in the mouth Gulab Jamuns


When food is delivered, the packing plays a very vital role to ensure there is no leakage and quality of the food is maintained – Chefactory has got nice customized meal boxes that ensure the same.


They are also planning to start a chaat section in the near future. Looking forward to try the same once they are up and running.


Overall, a fairly new place foraying into the food delivery and minimal dining service category and the initial impressions look pretty good ! 

For more details on the restaurant  refer to – 

Chefactory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Thank you for reading and do share feedback on the same ! 



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