Onesta @ IndiraNagar – A Review !

                   Onesta with its multiple outlets in the city of Bangalore is a place to reckon ! Having tried at a few outlets already, it was time for a tasting session at the IndiraNagar one. The setup here is quite similar to the  other one’s and we have cycle and plants  welcoming us here as well.

20170429_134004 This Onesta is a non air-conditioned place, right up on the terrace floor with fans to cool people down. Can get hot especially during the summer but enough fans are there to keep the heat down. The place was teeming and packed to the T which was nice to see.

Some breads on the table to start off with while we place the order. Hog mode on

2017-05-06 20.02.44

It was all but obvious to opt for beverages first and lime became a default choice with the heat. Fresh Lime Basil Fizz was the first drink order followed by an Orange Mint Cooler. The Lime Basil was nice but it was more fizz and less lime. Orange Mint was excellent ! 



On the appetizers , started off with the Broccoli and Cheese Bruschetta. Broccoli being roasted gave it a nice flavour, the crust was good, would have liked more cheese

2017-05-06 19.54.39

Fish Fingers were next on the table. Deep fried, succulent pieces of fish and a good dip. Some of it was deep fried to the core and gave it that burnt flavour which can be avoided.


There were a few other appetizers that were not on the menu but is planned to be launched soon, we got to taste a platter of the variety that is planned.

The Platter consisted of 

  • Cajun Spiced Potato – Best of the lot. Good texture
  • Jalapeno Cheese Balls – One ball had more cheese while the other had more Jalapeno but both tasted good !
  • Beetroot Finger – It was wonderful. Beet was nice with good stuffing.
  • Zucchini Finger – Deep fried, definitely had the zucchini in there but lacked consistency with one finger having more of it while the other very less
  • Onion Rings – Too much crust, barely get to taste the onions and deep fried a tad longer.
  • Mushroom Phyllo pockets –  My favourite on the platter. Period ! 


Next it was time for some of the mains – 

Minced Chicken LasagneSmall portion with good sauce and minced chicken cooked well. The pickled onion as side was not needed and did not taste that well. Overall the Lasagne was good but I would have liked the plating to be a bit different, would have preferred a traditional way of serving like in a  small layered bowl which when one cuts into the lasagna and the cheese just oozes out and spreads all over, but again that’s my way of having one while others may like as it is here.

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Mushroom and Ricotta Ravioli – This was easily the pick of the day for me. Perfect Ravioli with perfect sauce. 

2017-05-06 19.47.22

Pizza time with Chicken Stuffed Crust Margherita. Not very happy with it, being a stuffed crust , the rest of the pizza really has nothing but just sauce applied. The minced chicken stuffed in the crust was dry and did not eat well. Also needed a few more minutes in the oven.


Last was Desserts time, They have a vast variety on offer and one can just walk with a plate and pick from the desserts section. Tried about 4 to 5 varying from pastries to tarts, each satisfying to the core but perhaps a wow factor was missing.

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Service was excellent, Crowd management is good and food comes out to the table fairly quick. Valet parking is available which is much needed in the Indira Nagar area. Definite Value for money this place is –

For details about this place refer to –

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