Awed by the ‘House Of Commons’

                                                    Nope ! Not by the one in UK, but by the one right here in Bengaluru ! This one’s a watering hole at its best. A House that already has a few outlets in the city and has established itself well ! You may ask why ? That’s because it’s a house for everyone alike with a  strong focus on bringing out the best in food and drinks! Invited at the HSR outlet of this House for a tasting session, it was time to test the house !

2017-04-15 13.24.04

This 250 seater house has a simple yet inviting ambiance. Spread across 2 levels, with the upper level having an open area which doubles up as a smoking zone as well. Different seating styles adds to the option one has to dine here. The decor is almost same at both levels with art work and paintings dotting the walls. Bar counters present at both the levels. Lighting just right and TV/Projector completes the entertainment part.

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The menu has a good variety on both drinks and food, we started off with some great cocktails which continued over the course of our meal. 

Green Apple and Mint Martini :  One of the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had. Mr Balaji being the expert mixologist that he is, got this first to the table. After travelling in the scorching sun at noon, this drink making it to the table first was the perfect one to cool things down ! It was a sign of good things to come !!


Red Lips :  A blend of Vodka, Litchi Syrup, Grenadine Syrup with Litchi Fruit topping it. Another gem of a drink ! Perfectly balanced.

2017-04-14 22.55.59

Sixth Sense :  Another wonderful cocktail – Gin, Grapes, Ginger and Orange Peel. One of their signature mix. Ginger adds a very nice touch giving it a sweet and savoury flavour.


 Now to the food and it was quite a lot that we hogged on —


Chicken Momo’s : Momo’s of a different kind and tastes quite good. Chicken done well and the marination perfect. Onions and green chutney as dip is yumm !

2017-04-14 23.00.202017-04-14 23.00.54

Corn Fritters : Crispy, not sweet, fried to perfection and goodness in every bite. A good veg starter to go with drinks.

2017-04-14 22.59.38

Hunan Chicken : Boneless Chicken cooked with a spicy Hunan sauce ! Truly hunan on everything. Spiciness guaranteed ! 

2017-04-14 22.58.00

PLA NAM PRIK :  Thai style preparation of boneless Basa fish served in a Banana leaf. Had Thai Flavours to the core ! Fish was succulent and mouth watering. One bite and you will end up craving for more.

2017-04-14 22.56.5320170408_142030

Chicken Loaded Fries : Cheesy French Fries topped with Chicken and Herbs. It’s truly loaded and one could see that from the presentation, at first look it resembles a lasagne, grab a fork and dig in to find the fries. Forget counting calories when having this and get all that cheese in cos its delicious !!

2017-04-14 22.55.14

Roti Pe Boti : Lamb slow cooked with Indian spices served on mini tawa breads topped with Lime Juice, Onion and Coriander. Soul Food ! 

2017-04-08 20.33.00

Lemon Grass Murgh Tikka : There are few places that are able to balance the taste of the ingredient that the dish is named after, this is one of them. Lemon Grass enhances the flavour of the Char grilled Chicken. A bit more of lemon grass would have spoilt the dish for me but what came to the table was just about perfect.

2017-04-08 20.31.58

Murgh Kasturi Kebab :  Again Kasturi flavour comes out nicely. Chicken kebabs marinated well and good texture. All the herbs go well together. Taste’s best when served hot.

2017-04-14 22-3.48.41

Crispy Corn Chilli Pepper : Crispy Corn is an anytime appetizer and is liked by all ages alike. Seasoned with Lime juice, salt, pepper and other spices, it has a feel good taste ! 



HOC Chicken Salad: House special salad consisting of Lettuce, Bell peppers , Olives and ofcourse the Grilled Chicken. Healthy stuff !

2017-04-08 20.34.42

Main Course :

Fish And Chips : Traditional Crumb Fried Fish served with French Fries. Perfect Fish and crispy Fries served with Mayo dip and some salad !


HOC Chicken Pizza : Thin crust loaded with all the goodies – chicken, cheese, bell peppers, olives and other small greens ! Party in the mouth !

2017-04-08 20.27.13


Walnut Brownie : The only disappointment in the entire meal here was the brownie. It was dry , hard and not the best of taste. Topped with Ice cream but it did not help. Feedback on this was taken positively and we also learnt that the dessert menu is being revamped and items corrected so that’s a plus.

2017-04-14 22.31.26

Caramel Custard :  Custard with caramel glazed on top. Stuck to basics and taste is there. A good way to end the meal ! 

Service and hospitality was excellent. Thanks to Mr Adarsh and the wait staff there, it was a great experience. Pricing is worth every penny. There is a common parking area outside the restaurant to park a few 4 wheelers with the other option being nearby lanes.

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Thank you for reading and do provide your feedback and share your experiences if been here.

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