Three Dots & A Dash ! – New Menu Launch

                 Three Dots and a Dash – the only thing that I could connect to these words is my arts and craft classes during my schooling days where our drawing teacher would help  draw a line by asking us to connect dots ! Who knew it also was used as  a Morse code during World War II to symbolize the letter ‘V’ which meant Victory. Inspired by these words , Don – the beachcomber – who was one of the greatest cocktail creators of all time created a drink of the same name to serve as a tribute to the American soldiers who fought WWII. Don also played a pivotal role in bringing  the Tiki  bar and the Polynesian culture to the forefront. Now why the gyaan , you may ask and sorry If I bored you already, just setting up the mood to talk about our very own ‘Three Dots & a Dash’ at Indira Nagar Bangalore.


Oh wait ! before I start there is some more Gyaan. For those of you do not know ‘Tiki’ – its basically a wooden or stone carving in a humanoid form and for those of you who do not know Polynesia – its a group of large number of islands vastly spread from Hawaii to the tip of New Zealand. OK – before you start scolding me , let me connect the dots for you –

Don –> Morse code –> cocktail creator –> Polynesian culture –> Tiki bar –> Hawaii –> Tropical setting  –> Inspiration –> Three Dots & a Dish –> Bangalore.

Get it ?  Yeah Finally ! No ? – ah , for all the headache I caused head to 3 dots and have a Tiki cocktail !


After a year of being open, these folks are bringing in a fusion of Polynesian and continental cuisine closer to home and of-course the exotic range of new Tiki cocktails have hit the menu as well. We were here for a bloggers meet to try out some of these exciting dishes that have been introduced.

The Ambience of the place is all tropical with an inviting entrance of a flight of stairs amidst a bamboo laden pathway. The interiors of the place is all wood giving it a tropical or a Hawaiian feel. There is an air conditioned enclosed area as well as a roof top bar to allow guests to be seated per their preference. We were seated at the roof top area  and while it was hot with the summer setting in, the woody interiors and the fans along with of-course the cocktails, kept the environment lively.

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There are some sarcastic yet funny quotes that dot the wall here and there. The seating on the roof top is not very comfortable. Low seating especially with the table that we were on had couch on one side and chairs on the other. Its difficult for taller folks to sit on the chairs with chances of your knees getting hurt are high.Couch is good for folks who are not moving around and just sinking in the beverages and not like us moving around for pics  !


There is also an in-house coconut tree, which means tender coconut is in abundance here and options to try out cocktails with them are aplenty !


 These folks have given the Tender coconut, the tropical presentation that it deserves, be it plain or in cocktails.

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From the new Tiki specials , the one I opted for was the ROB’S MISTAKE ! It was primarily a blend of Light rum, gin, Lime juice, Passion fruit puree, Pineapple syrup and a few other stuff. It was very refreshing !

Now for the food part – 

Waldrof Salad  :  Summer and this on the table – heaven ! Celery, creamy apple , touch of walnuts in the salad cools you down !

2017-03-21 16.48.41

Lemon Coriander Soup – Simple soup, basic taste, veg stock, chicken morsels – satisfying


Appetizers –

Herb Cheese Stuffed Mushroom :  One of the best one’s of the day.Lots of Mozzarella cheese, freshness of the herbs and the mushroom taste in itself was great. Goodness in every bite !


Vegetable Croquettes :  Taste’s best when served hot ! Simple croquettes , comfort food and goes well with the dip.

2017-03-21 16.47.50

California Spud ( Veg/Chicken options) : Presentation wise both veg and chicken look same.Potatoes with skin stuffed and baked. Variety of flavours in one bite. Something unique !

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 Polynesian Baked Fish : One of their signature dishes. Baked fish wrapped in a banana leaf.Wonderful presentation, succulent fish, melt in the mouth and well marinated.

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Main Course –

Mazzi’s Farm Chicken : Regular fried chicken with cajun potatoes which were more like potato wedges and some veggies. Peri peri and other dips enhance the flavour a bit.


Vegetable  Tagine with Cous Cous : Easily the dish of the day ! Spiced veggies served with Cous Cous. Nice texture overall, great combination and an addictive taste ! The spiced vegetables was more like a spicy veg curry. Thumbs up ! 


Spicy Veggie Whole Wheat Pizza : Thin crust loaded with cheese and veggies. Very generous with the toppings and good balance of sauces.

2017-03-21 16.43.22

Whole Wheat Chicken Supreme : Same as veggie in texture with chicken added here.Had apprehensions about the taste considering its whole wheat but with all the cheese, chicken and veggies, the taste of the bread goes unnoticed.

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Desserts :

Bailey’s & Rasberry Gateau  and Hawaiian Banana split with Vanilla Ice cream added the final touches to the meal.Good one’s but probably a wow factor was missing.


Service is good and the staff open to feedback and suggestions. Valet parking is available which is a boon in this area.

Location :  840/1,100 Feet Road, Metro Pillar 56-57, Indiranagar, Bangalore

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