‘Smoke House Deli’cious !!

               There are a very few places that elicit a ‘wow’ experience on a first visit and Smoke House Deli is one of them. Out here for a weekend dinner at the Lavelle Road outlet of this deli in Bangalore , the experience was top class !  What catches the attention as we enter this place is the white interiors and a perfect lighting to match it. The decor, the graffiti on the walls and the comfortable couches gives the place a soothing and pleasant touch

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We had requested for a couch table rather than the one with chairs since we had a kid and it was happily obliged. The kid was also given some crayons and a coloring book to keep him engaged and that speaks volumes of the thought given to the guest experience here. Mr Shib was the wait staff assigned to our table and was on top of things right from the start. Menu’s quickly made it to the table and it was time to grab some food.

   From the Bar menu, opted for Bira Blonde considering its slowing becoming the talk of the town now and my better half went in for a Smoked Pineapple Mojito. There was something amiss with the mojito when it came in first and it was very bitter but then they changed it when we let them know and the replacement was perfect !



        Slow Roast Plum Tomato Soup with Lemon Grass was how the meal began with and a single portion of this soup is easily good enough for 2 people. Taste wise, the first sip would leave you confused but keep digging in and the flavour gets you going for more. Lemon grass enhances the regular tomato soup to the next level.


       Next I had my eyes set on Hash Brown’s , it had been a while that I found some Hash Brown on the menu any where else so when I do see it, it has to be on the order ! Came out as expected. Perfect crisp and good texture, Just the right shape and fried just about right !


Spiked cottage cheese skewers was the chosen one next, again who can avoid paneer ! The skewers were out with neatly arranged cottage cheese given company by our very humble veggies like capsicum and onions and a good sauce to go with it. For a burst of flavours , grab the skewers in one bite. I know a lot of us have the tendency to just grab the paneer and then leave off the veggies , but that just spoil’s the appetizer texture as a whole !wp-1487941955337.jpg

Me being the only Non-vegetarian for the day here, requested the wait staff for suggestions on their signature dishes to try out in the appetizers section. Panko crumbed chicken with BBQ sauce won the battle and with loads of cheese, it was a good choice. The different layers of cheese, crumb and chicken could be easily identified as we bite into it and the barbecue sauce gives it the kick it needs to stand out !


A vegetarian Risotto was next on the order with cauliflower, mascarpone , green peppercorns and garlic crumbs joining the Risotto party. The presentation of this dish was excellent and the texture with the sticky rice was perfect. I was a little apprehensive of getting that garlic taste which would spoil the fun but thankfully it did not turn out the way I expected and it was all good !

Plain Pan cakes was the order for the kid to jump into. Simple, nothing exotic and stuck to its pan cake taste just as we would like to have.


Finished off with a Rasberry Orea Cheesecake and there could not have been a better way to end the meal. Soft, melt in the mouth, not too much raspberry and a  perfectly balanced texture ! Yum !


Service was excellent here. Wait staff gave suggestions, got the food in quickly to the table and took feedback seriously and got things done at the earliest. The experience here was impressive indeed which led me to opt for a free membership. Valet parking is available so that solves the headache of looking out for a spot to park. Reservations are accepted by either directly calling them and on Zomato too I believe. Pricing is a bit on the expensive side but worth the quality of food and service here.

Website : http://www.smokehousedeli.in/

Smoke House Deli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thank you for reading and do share your experiences and feedback of this place and of the review!

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