Goodness in every sip !

                                    On a lazy day, when the sun shines bright, the heat taking its toll and roaming outside is not an option, where do we head to ? A Cafe of course ! And what comes to mind when we crave for coffee at the same time. Ok enough of dramatization !!! Coming to the point, this is all about cold coffee ! To be precise, not talking about the cold coffee varieties that we get in any cafe nor do we have to go and wait for them to come out in all their glory, one needs to just grab any of the three Goodness! Cold Coffee variants from the neighbourhood department store and you are all set to enjoy the drink from the comfort of your home whenever you please , well not exactly whenever but up until 21 days from the date of packing and refrigerated !

Goodness! (by Dropkaffe) is a  brand making inroads into the space of ready-to-drink beverages. They decided to bring some goodness into my life by sending new year wishes along with the three variants of Goodness Cold Coffee !
Though there are a lot of other brands that are in the market in the same dairy based segment, what stands out for this is the freshness that is guaranteed.! The coffee is made using 100% Arabica beans and does not contain any artificial colours or flavouring substances.The USP for this cold coffee is the assurance that the total time taken for the coffee bean to be bottled as cold coffee is just 7 days and the shelf life for the bottled coffee is just 21 days when stored under refrigeration. With less than a month of shelf life, it is a risk for this brand with the competition that is there in the market but in spite of this risk the commitment to deliver freshly brewed coffee to the masses is commendable.
Goodness! Cold Coffee is available to consumers in three variants – Classic, Hazelnut, and Vanilla.
Classic variant is perfect cold coffee. It is as good as one can get in a cafe and the freshness is definitely there.
Hazelnet Cold Coffee is something that I had not tried before and so was a little hesitant on how it would be , but after having it, definitely works. Good flavor profile and perfect balance of Hazelnut and coffee taste.
When I read Vanilla,and something cold, I would always relate it to ice cream but did not think of a Vanilla Cold Coffee as such. Folks who crave vanilla are going to be impressed with this drink. Unique drink with each sip bringing the best of both worlds together
Overall, its coffee, its cold, its fresh and its Good !


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