Box8 Food Delivery – A Review

                                        Box8 is a food delivery concept that is bringing good Indian food to the masses. Their USP is that they have a menu that ranges from  wholesome meals, salads, wraps, sandwitches, biryani’s, beverages, desserts, Ice creams ,Fusion boxes  and ala carte  options. They are open for delivery up until 1 am in the night which works well for all those late night hunger pangs. They have delivery centre’s located across Bangalore which ensures delivery is done in quick time.I received an invite from Anshul Gupta, the co-founder of Box8 to review the food that the brand has to offer. Placed an order to try out a wide variety of items and it was an awesome spread that arrived home.


The packaging was perfect with colorful boxes representing Box8 and each item being labeled to represent the food it contains.The Boxes also has an immediate consumption statement. The Food was warm where applicable. Lets get to each item then —

Farmer’s Market Salad :

Lot of veggies – olive’s, onions, corn, jalapenos, tomatoes, capsicum to name the core one’s. Very refreshing and a good start to the meal.


Farm Fresh Wrap : 

Simple and humble whole wheat wrap stuffed with almost similar ingredients as the salad and it was expected as well since the order was a farm fresh wrap. 


Bombay special Sandwich :

Well, I haven’t been to Bombay yet, so not familiar with how the sandwich taste’s there, but this one did tick my pallet. Not tried to do something different, a simple burger with tikki and veggies and a good taste with every bite. This is not your regular bread sandwich but more of a pav stuffed inside.


Shahi Paneer Biryani :

Lots of paneer chunks in a flavorful biryani. The packing at first look will indicate the quantity is less but as you dig in , the more it comes. The rice was well done and paneer was soft.


Chicken Tikka Biryani : 

Biriyani was great. Same masala as the paneer one and loads of chicken in this as well.The flavor of the chicken is infused well with the rice.


Kadai Paneer Curry :

This was the ala carte order for a paneer curry and it had a nice taste and texture. The curry had a nice aroma and goes well with rice or roti’s. Good quantity as well. 


Chicken Mughlai Curry :

Wonderful flavour of the spices in a well cooked chicken curry was yum ! It was as Mughlai as one can expect.


Tawa Paratha : 

The paratha was sliced up and packed. Not the best one’s I would say. Had dried up a bit and did not taste the best when eating.


Moong Daal Ka Halwa :

It was a small portion but was disappointing. Dry and did not do full justice to the halwa taste. Expected a better one.


Masala Lemonade :

This came in at no extra cost and was part of the super saver combo along with the Moong Daal Halwa. The drink taste’s similar or I would probably say was Jaljeera. Right mix of masala and lemon and a good accompaniment to the meal.


The delivery commitment is 38 minutes and regular updates are provided via sms on the current status of the order and if there are any delays. The order can be placed via the website or the app. Overall, a good option in today’s busy and fast paced world where folks don’t find time to grab a meal, one can get the meal delivered to you which is good in taste and fresh and has late night delivery as well !

  • Website for delivery order :
  • Zomato link :

Box8 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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