‘Currylicious’ Food !

When we speak of restaurants and the cuisines that are served , most of the places try to specialize in one or two specific cuisines as in Chinese, Italian, continental or closer to home cuisines like  Andhra, Chettinad or Udupi etc or stick to North indian food. There are a very few places that diversify their menu and try to bring in the best from different regions together – one such restaurant is Currylicious.


With focus on Mangalore, Chettinad, Kerala and Goan cuisine, this place has got some of the best and  rich cuisines  of the southern region of India together.Currylicious is a brand from Warm plates hospitality and have outlets in Elements mall – Food court in Nagawara  and another one which is a dine-in restaurant in Kalyan nagar. This article is on my experience at the Kalyan nagar outlet of Bangalore. They have one more opening soon in the Orion mall Food court as well.’Deliciously South’ is their tag line and it definitely gels well with the title !

Ambiance :

The Ambiance is in line with the cuisine that is served here. The decor on the walls, the earthenware and utensils symbolizing the traditional way of cooking on display, the description of some of the curries and a monitor that does the work of a display board are all laid out with focus on these 4 regions

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The Lighting on top of each table, the comfortable couches and a black board that lists out the day’s special dishes goes well with the overall ambiance.Though its a small place, the space is well managed and is spacious

Started off with some refreshing lime juice served in these nice small bottles


Starters :

Fish cutlets is what we began to hog with here and it was a perfect start.Fish was perfectly cooked. Good amount of seasoning. Cutlets were of the right size and shape and were served with ketchup and lime on a plate with a banana leaf base which retained the traditional way of serving food. Not just the fish but most of the food was served in a similar way.


Prawns Pepper Fry was another starter that we opted for. Mildly spiced with excellent taste. The pepper and prawn combination is always a great one and when its made right just like the one we had here, it is mouthwatering !


Baby Corn Pepper Fry was the veg starter that we gobbled. The method of cooking is the same as in the prawn pepper fry with just the main ingredient replaced. The same is for the curries as well.


Curries :

We tried the below curries

Chicken Stew Tangy flavour which is expected from this style of preparation of Kerala stew consisting of coconut milk and spices. Folks mostly prefer this with Neer Dosa but can be had with other accompaniments as well. Chicken was well cooked and stew was well seasoned


Allepey Raw Mango Fish Curry  This had a fusion flavor profile. The tangy taste from the raw mango coupled with the spiciness in the curry is a taste that is high up there.Though I would have preferred more spice in it but then its an individual likeness for spice level and this level probably goes well with the masses.


Mangalorien Ghassi Chicken curry which was a thick curry with a blend of roasted coconut and whole spices. One of my favourites here with well cooked chicken pieces and a yum flavour.


Accompaniments :

Neer Dosa, Appam, Sannas and Malabar Paratha were our accompaniments for the day. Neer Dosa were soft and would just melt in the mouth. Perfect to the T and so were the Appams. Sannas could have been better , were not as fluffy and soft as they should be.Malabar Paratha’s were as expected.Make sure to have them hot and not leave them for long. These are delicacies that go well when they are warm.


Thalassery Biryani :

We opted for the chicken biryani. Excellent Biryani with some wonderful flavours. Might look bland and first few bites might not give you a biryani taste but don’t assume like I did and once you mix the masala like we call it and toss the rice , the real Thalaserry biryani taste is what hits you. Portions good enough for one and raitha as side is just what is needed.

Desserts :

Payasam is the regular pal payasam that is usually served at the end of every meal or thali down south. Very light on the tummy and a taste good enough to finish off on a wholesome meal.


Gulab Jamun – these red round pieces of heaven cannot be ignored in-spite of being full. We always find some eating space for devouring these one’s and it was no exception here.


Vegetarian Thali – Thought we did not get a chance to try the Thali’s. We did manage to take a snap


Service was excellent and food was coming out in good succession. There is a limited parking space available outside the restaurant as well which is an advantage.

Currylicious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thank you for reading and do let me know your feedback on this.

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