Onesta rises in the North !

         Onesta is a name that  is well known in the corridors of Koramangala and Indira Nagar primarily in Bangalore. Folks like me who live in the Northern world of the city used to only hear and read how good the food was at these outlets of Onesta. So when they decided to set shop nearby , and with foodie friends informing of it being open, it was all but obvious to set sail here to identify what the noise of it being so good was about ! Now you could probably relate to the title !!


And so we were here at the newly launched outlet of Onesta at New Bel Road during lunch time excited to try out their menu and we got a couple of surprises. First, they informed us that they were not officially open yet and were running promotions  which brings us to the second surprise when they updated us that they had limited menu options available and it was on the house. Eager to try out with what they had to offer , we sat in to hog !


Simple yet perfect ambience and suits the food that is served here. Two sections with separate outdoor and A/C seating. Open Pizza Kitchen lets one to watch the pizza preparation process and the chef’s at work. The decor and lighting is nice and being a new place, the air conditioning is good and temperature maintained well. Desserts/Pastries are on display as well and present a mouthwatering sight.

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The sign-boards are eye catchy and stylish. There is a nice cycle, decorated with plants at the entrance which gives it a pleasant look !


They had some coolers available and we decided to go with –

Green Apple Cooler – Fusion of Green apple essence,Sprite and Lime. Green Apple Flavor was definitely there but sprite and lime was somewhere lost between the melting ice cubes and could not taste the blend it was supposed to be.


Orange Mint Cooler – Simple Orange Juice with Mint and a perfect blend leading to a refreshing drink.This cooler can definitely cool one down !!


 6″ size pizza’s, loaded with lot of good stuff and not heavy on tummy at all. Just right quantity for 1 person who would like to try out other items on the menu after hogging the pizza of the plate ! Err..that would be me !

Farmhouse Special Pizza comprised of  baby corn, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and black olives with thin crust bread. I have never been a fan of black olives for some reason so apart from that the pizza was excellent ! It was indeed a farmhouse with lot of veggies as topping and the thin crust made every bite small and tasty.


Cream Roasted Chicken Pizza marinated with herbs in a cream and cheese sauce. Yummmm…this was creamy goodness with the juiciness of the chicken ! Thumbs up to this one ! Will come back for more of this !!



 The menu described Lasagne would be served with garlic bread and lettuce salad, the salad was definitely served but not the garlic bread probably because they were still on promotion and not officially open.The portion of lasagne is very small and do not expect one of these to satisfy your hunger unless you pair it with a pizza or something else along with it.

Spinach and Paneer Lasagne  – Spinach was aplenty and Paneer was almost not found. And when we speak about Lasagne , cheese is what we dig for which was sadly missing here. Very less cheese and no stickiness meant that Lasagne was not one of our favourites today.


Lamb Lasagne –  Better than the veggie one. Good taste and texture but again cheese very less. We did give our feedback to the Chef and they agreed to load it with cheese, so looking forward to the same, next time I am here.


Small Bites

French fries with Paprika Mayo – Regular french fries. Nothing special. Needed more seasoning. Mayo was good !


Fish Fingers with Tangy Tartare –  Tender pieces of fish, really soft and deep fried served with tartare sauce is a happy tummy combination !



Chilly Chocolate Tart – Dish of the day for me. Just wonderful. The first thing that you would taste after a bite of this is pure chocolate – sweet and satisfying, then the caramel and finally the spiciness of the Red paprika hits you.I call it the sweet spicy tango – awesome !


Chocolate Mousse –  Whipped cream folded with rich dark chocolate and topped with fresh cream. Creamy chocolaty end to a wonderful meal. Mousse is always satisfying for a Dessert dish.


Wow Factor !

  • Unlimited veg and nonveg pizza’s for a price range of Rs 350 to 450 – hog all you can
  • The Chilly Chocolate Tart – Unbeatable !
  • Comics on each table which was interesting


  • Interesting spoon stand – see for yourself 


Service had its hit and misses but considering they were not officially open yet, would not be the right time to give correct feedback on the service. Parking is an issue in the New Bel Road area with the entire road being a no parking zone, but find a spot in one of the bylanes and streets or park your vehicle far away and take a walk (one would need it if having an unlimited meal here 🙂 ! )
Onesta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thank you for reading and please do share your thoughts ! Happy Hogging !


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