The Boozy Griffin Decoded !

Heard of a Griffin ?? ? No ?? Well if you googled – Griffin is apparently a legendary creature with the body,tail and back legs of a lion  while the head, wings and front feet resemble an eagle ! Right – so after that introduction, lets get into the details of this amazing creature , only difference is we are talking about a Boozy one here and its a pub !


Invited for a tasting session at the Marathahalli outlet of this place, it is an excellent hangout arena for folks in and around Marathahalli, Sarjapur, Bellandur and HSR region in Bangalore. Lets get into the details of the visit here.

Ambience :

If British royalty and English architecture is your thing, then this is the apt place to head to. The interiors brings back the charm of the English culture and minute details have been taken into consideration to present it as a British pub. The couches, the graffiti, the wall decor, the paintings, the lighting – all add up to provide an excellent ambience.

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There is a separate smoking section as well with ambience no less charming than the non-smoking area ! Here are some pics from this section.

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Another thing that stood out for me was these nice telephone booth’s which were sound proof and useful for folks who want to make or take a call without having to step out.Even the booth’s have this rustic British era feel to it.


The Bar :

The most talked about place in a pub is the bar and the selection of booze !  This one stands out in both. Neatly designed and arranged. Lot of variety on the Beverages menu and excellent specials as well.

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Some interesting theatre with the smokiness around the  ‘Flaming Griffin‘ which was a blend of Baileys, Khalua and Sambucca. Awesome presentation !


The Mocktail that ticked all points for me was the Bora Bora which was a fusion of pineapple, passion fruit syrup and lemon juice.Taste as good as the presentation. The fusion goes well and the flavour of each of the ingredient can be identified. A very colorful glass indeed !


One of the highlights of the evening was the ‘Rainbow shooter‘ –  7 shooters of different colors with vodka based drink. Excellent presentation and lot of thought put into the drinks and to bring about the different colors

The Food !

Now for the most important part of the visit ! Foooooooooood !! And a lot of it !


  • Baby Spinach and apple salad –  Never tried apple with spinach before , so this one was new for me but in a good way ! The sweetness of the apple with the taste of the spinach was very refreshing !
  • Caesar salad chicken : Just the right way a chicken should be served if treating it as a salad. Good amount of greens to go along with it. Taste did not disappoint.

Veg Appetizers

  • Magic Shrooms – Halapeno and cheese stuffed mushrooms served with halapeno sauce. The mushrooms had magic in them and a perfect sauce is what ups the ante for this dish. These were in demand among our group and the wait was worth it.
  • Tex Mex Roll – Spring roll stuffed with vegetables, bean and corn served with Mexican salsa and sour cream. Good stuff and very filling !
  • Cheese Stuffed Onion Rings – Onion rings is always a hit but when there is cheese to add to it, it is yum ! The cheese was inconsistent though among the rings but goodness all over
  • Grilled Veg and Hummus Quesadilla – These were basically tortilla’s stuffed with spinach,  hummus and corn. The tortilla’s were in house made and could relate to the freshness in every bite.
  • Beer Batter Cheese balls – Fritters stuffed with grated paneer ( cottage cheese), cheddar and mozzarella cheese ! Just yum ! The balls just melt in your mouth and the cheese just spills out. Warning to not gulp them as soon as they are served, else be prepared for a burning mouth with the hot cheese inside the balls doing their trick !!

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NonVeg Appetizers

  • Boozy Chilli Wings – These were Cajun spiced chicken wings, the chicken was well done though I would have preferred more sauce on the wings just to soak in that flavor.
  • BBQ Chicken Roll – Good stuffed rolls with shredded chicken toasted in barbeque sauce. Barbeque sauce is one of my favs and the rolls blends well with it. For some, it could be overpowering especially if you are not a fan of this sauce, for me it was just fine and the way I like it.
  • Crumb Fried Tequila Fish – Dish of the day for me !! Basa fish marinated with tequila and crump fried. That first bite hits you with tequila and the strong flavour , the rest of it is just good fried fish with an excellent sauce.
  • Chicken Krack Jack – Loved the kracker ! The crunchy effect is so delicious ! The coating of corn flakes is perfect to bring about the crunch and the garlic mayo to go along with it is yummilicious !
  • Britpop Prawns – Prawn bits in a creamy sauce served in a martini glass. First glance, it does not look like prawns until someone tells you. Small bits of prawn easy to be grabbed with a spoon. Though the prawns were good, the creamy sauce did not ring the bell for me.

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From the Tandoor :

Murgh Peshwari Tikka, Fish Lebanese tikka and Peshawari Tarkari made up for the Tandoor side of it. All were good stuff – simple , marinated well and regular tikka style that we get all over.

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  • Smoked BBQ Chicken – Smoked tender chicken chunks in Barbeque sauce with onion, coriander and cheese – just juicy and cheesy pizza. Thin crust is the way forward and is the best way to eat pizza per my view.
  • Griffin Exotic Veg – Veg pizza with corn, Olives, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Caramelized onions, cheese in tomato basil sauce. Good quantity of veg toppings and thin crust was excellent.

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Burger – Tandoori Chicken

Nice big burger with fillet of chicken breast marinade with tandoori masala ! Not to forget the French fries as side. Fulfilling burger and there is literally nothing that I would like to change. Just good old chicken burger with all the indian tandoori spices flavor. After all the appetizers, could not complete this burger and it was just a few bites to taste.



There were quite a few mains to taste and the one I opted for was the Chicken Espetada in Peri Peri which was basically Peri Peri chicken grilled on skewer and served with butter rice. The chicken was excellent and the sauce good enough. Rice was aromatic and nice and gels well with the sauce and veggies. A simple yet elegant dish.

Desserts :

Finally after that feast was the time to end on some desserts !

  • Coffee and Rum Cheesecake  – Simple cheesecake with a touch of rum. Good way to end a meal.
  • Chef’s Special Choco Lava Cake – Gooey molten chocolate cake served with vanilla icecream. Cake and ice-cream were nice but the lava ( molten chocolate) was very less for my liking. Was anticipating more of lava to flow out as the cake is cut but it was very less.


The Music !

Adding to the excellent ambience is the music. We had the DJ playing some amazing bollywood numbers and getting our group to groove and dance. The music is not so loud and it maintains a balance between folks who prefer and those who do not prefer loud music. There is a small area near the DJ section which doubles up the dance floor !


Service :

Great hospitality and Service ! We were a big group and it was a weekend  but were well taken care of. The staff were well organized and keen to explain things around.

Wow Factor !

The Crumb Fried Tequila Fish, The DJ, The chicken burger, Flaming Griffin, Rainbow shooters,Chicken Krack Jack and Peri Peri Chicken mains !

The Perk up’s needed !

Some things that need a perk up – Choco Lava cake, Britpop prawns, chilli wings and Onion Rings.

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Thank you for Reading and do leave your feedback and comments on this review !


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