East meets West @Big Pitcher !

Big Pitcher – well this pitcher is definitely big ! With 6 floors of ultimate dining and clubbing, this is the place to go to ! We were invited for a tasting session of their new signature dishes launched at Splitwood – which is one of their restaurants located in the 2nd floor. 


East on Food, West on Mood is the tagline of this resto and is rightly so because the speciality here is a fusion of oriental western cuisine. Not just the food but the walls and decor also represent the fusion that this place is trying to portray. Impressive start to the dining experience, I must say  


Signature dishes 

Without much adieu, let me just get into the most important reason of us being there – Food !! New signature dishes launched and had very catchy names too —

First Bite Chomps

Chicken skewers with Habanera sauce ! Nice way of eating chicken on a stick (skewer). Pretty happy with the taste and the crunch here and there. The sauce gels well with the chicken and gives it that oriental flavour to go with.


Prawn Till Yawn

This was my favourite ! Crispy Threaded prawn with chilly soya. Excellent presentation, packed with flavour, wonderful sauce and a bite size prawn. Yum !


Fish in Splitwood Waters

 Melt in the mouth fish with chilli and garlic sauce spread across garnished with veggies and tasted fantastic ! Need I say more ???


  Santa’s Chimney

 A chicken based appetizer that took me back to my time in Singapore. Infused with Asian flavours, the spicy sauce was a perfect side to go with tender and well cooked chicken pieces.


 Viva Indiano

Now for the vegetarian dishes – this one was basically paneer fingers with a mexican twist to it. Decent stuff but would have preferred some more seasoning and spice.


Mexicano Vegetable Penne

A mexicano sauce tossed penne with veggies and cheese.Great pasta with the sauce giving it a different and good texture. Mouthful of cheesy goodness.


Yasai Tempura Moriawase

Another one of my favourites.Its deep fried veggies but what saves the originality is that it is lightly battered so literally it is veggies fried. The color and the taste of the veggies is mostly retained and being fried takes it to a different level.


Kanchin Baby corn

Baby corn and spinach deep fried.It was good but would rate other dishes a bit higher. High on taste but the fusion of oriental and west could have been infused more.


Trolley buffet

Another unique feature of this restaurant is that the Main course comes on wheels ! Yes – literally , they have trolleys that can be stationed at one’s table which allows patrons to grab food customized to their needs and without having to walk every time to try out different varieties on offer.



When one talks about clubbing, alcohol is a must and having a brewery of its own, this place boasts of quite a different varieties of Beer ! We got a chance to sample some of it and each had its own distinct flavour.My favourite of the lot was the King Kayer !



There were also some good cocktails and mocktails. ‘Son of a Beach’ was a vodka based cocktail which stood out for me.

Naanza – The Indian Pizza

A special mention for the yet to be launched – Naanza ! Its basically a pizza with an Indian twist and with the name I assume you should have guessed it by this time. The base for the pizza is Naan ( a type of bread) with generous topping of veggies and chicken.The sauce spread across was packed with Indian spices similar to the gravies that we have. It tasted yum and had the crunch and effect of a pizza !




Beautiful decor, one of the walls had cowboy hats, shoes, guns spread across which gave it the east-west look. Tables perfectly arranged. The major section is kind of half open area and smoking is allowed while for a family gathering or if non-smoking zone is preferred there is a separate dining area available.

Non-Smoking/Family Dining

Rest of the house

Apart from Splitwood, the rest of the house has its own identity as well, with each floor having its own story to tell.

  • Brew Pub – Club Kahuna which is in Ground and 1st floor and includes the brewery section as well.
  • Sizzling Street Barbeque with Live Grill in Table at 3rd Floor, the place looks impeccable and stylish. Loved the furniture here and the whole setup gives it a street look.
  • Event – Studio 4121 in 4thFloor – Mostly open on weekends and they have special days/events running here with well known artists performing.
  • Lounge – Star Lounge – Roof Top : Just the place to be if one needs a romantic timeout or a private quite evening among the stars.

 Brewery section

We were also given a tour of the brewery section and got to know the ABC of it and how   the processing happens with the imported raw materials. Good stuff ! 



Overall, a good place to be in. Pubbing Retold SixFold is what their tag line is and its apt as there is something for everyone here and each floor has its own signature.


Big Pitcher Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know your thoughts on these and open to any suggestions as well.If you have been here, do share your experiences too ! 



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