Yummified at ‘Yumlok’

There cannot be a better way than to have the 40th Food Blogger’s Association of Bangalore meet (FBAB) at Yumlok ! Located at the Inorbit Mall in Whitefield area of Bangalore, the outlet is perfectly located at the entrance of the mall and the sign-board catches your eye as soon as one enter’s the gate of the mall. We were invited by the YUM DUDES ( yes – you read it right) – that’s how the owners like to be called to try out their wide variety of chat and paratha options on the menu ! The seating for this place is in an open area and the outlet is in a kiosk type setup !


When we went in, it was quite windy and a perfect climate complimenting the outside seating that this place has. The name is catchy and ups the curious quotient for folks visiting the mall.

Here is a glimpse of the food that we tried here –

Assortment of Chats :

Dahi Papdi : Good seasoning.Fresh yogurt and yum taste !

Raj Kachori : Kachori was nice. Good Presentation.Chutneys were perfect.There was also another version of Kachori with garlic sauce available which had a nice tangy flavour


Dahi Balla : All boxes ticked !

Aloo Tikki Chat : My favourite among all. Tikki was crisp. Aloo stuffing yum! Seasoning loved it ! Another version of Tikki chat was the one with Yogurt which was a nice twist and got some freshness infused

Pav Bhaji : Perfect Pav’s, Buttery Bhaji. I am not a big fan of butter and preferred the non-buttery sections of the bhaji which I liked. The inclusion of nachos was an interesting touch.


Pani Puri : Who can say no to Pani Puri’s – sick, healthy, cold, flu whatever it may be – Pani puri on any day wins ! Though they usually serve with the regular katta meeta pani, they have plan to introduce a few more options to go with. We got to sample them as well which were in the flavour of Sour, Sweet, Garlic Ginger, Asafoetida (Hing) and Cumin (Jeera) and Lemon Ginger and each was good in it’s own way.


Paratha’s :

Yumlok special Paratha : This had the stuffing of Paneer and other vegetables. The paratha was served with three dips namely Dal Makhani, Tamarind Chutney and Minty curd. Dal Makhani was the best ! Tamarind Chutney was a bit strong for my liking and we gave the feedback as well to which they agreed to make it better.


Aloo and Gobi Paratha’s with Lassi – Good stuffing of Aloo and Gobi and of course the generous butter on top was very filling.

Sattu Paratha : I generally do not like sattu and perhaps that weighed in on my opinion here. Was a little dry but went well with Dal Makhani.Sattu stuffing generally if left for a while can become dry but no complaints here and  it is considered good for health as well

Lassi  and Chaas (Buttermilk) were the perfect accompaniments for this meal. Buttermilk here was excellent and Lassi was wholesome and nourishing.

Service and hospitality was to the T and an open air setup augurs well for the ambiance.This is the first dine-in venture that the owners have gotten into and a perfect way to do it by focusing on chat and street food. Their other venture is Dial A Chaat which is already making inroads in the chat delivery segment !

YUMLOK Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

When craving for some good chat in whitefield – head here !

View my food journey on Zomato!


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