NUTRitioUS Green Coffee !

                                    Ask anyone on what is a better or in fact a healthier alternative to the regular tea or coffee and in a jiffy or lets say in chorus – the answer comes in as ‘Green Tea’. Now for an avid coffee lover like me who depends on starting the day with a good cup of caffeine , making that move to Green Tea and getting used to it is a herculean task ! After some numerous attempts to move over to the healthier tea, the aromatic coffee just drags me back !
 So, when Influenzer started this campaign of sampling Nutrus Green coffee, I was game for it ! Well, not immediately considering the fact that something that’s called ‘healthy’ is not always ‘tasty’ as well as the thought of not getting the caffeine that I look for in coffee but after dilly dallying for a while, finally decided to give it a go hoping that it will have that coffee punch even though it has a ‘Green’ prefix to it and considering ‘Health’ to be the priority here !!


It was a wait for a few weeks after joining the Influenzer campaign until the Nutrus samples reached my residence.The bright red and green colour carton was pleasing enough but the excitement was more on how the content inside would be ! Reading the instructions on the carton, suggestion was that the coffee can be had both warm and cold.Cold beats warm on any given day and that’s why decided to try my first green cold coffee !!


There were about 20 sachet of 2 grams each and the recommended unit of water is about 120 ml for each sachet ! Once the sachet is opened, the coffee aroma hits you which was a sign that I am not gonna miss the coffee flavour. Refrigerated it for about a couple of hours and voila it was time to taste or test !!

First impression was a big thumbs up – yes it is different with the milk, the sugar and the regular coffee taste not being there but it matches the aroma and the coffeeness ( Should add this word to dictionary!) was definitely there and having it cold was very refreshing too ! Next it was time to test it hot ! – obviously on the next day with my dose of healthiness complete for the day with the cold green coffee ! Having tasted it cold, the expectation on how it would be was set ! Gulped the hotter one in no time and have no complaints on not having coffee at all ! It does take a while to get used to it but there is this coffee aftertaste that lingers in your mouth after trying it.

Does it have a good effect on health ? Will I reduce weight over time ? Well-that only time will tell and with regular use of this coffee and of-course some physical activity daily to remain fit to go along with this, that day might come soon. Green tea also has the same effects as this coffee but for folks like me who linger for that coffee taste – this is the product to go to ! Very easy to make as well, just needs water and pretty much that’s it and the best part is that there will be a lot less sugar intake if the switch over to the green one’s is made.


What else can be improved on this product ? Well, I am totally new to this and first time that I’ve ever tasted green coffee, so I will leave the thinking to the Nutrus folks. Right now, it is as good as it could be for me.

Note : I got this product from Influenzer which is an Influencer marketing agency in India

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