Wayanad Silverwoods – where Comfort meets Nature !

Kerala with its lush greenery and splendid backwaters is aptly known as ‘God’s own country’. Every city in Kerala has something to drool about and one such city is Wayanad !

After some exploration, headed to the beautiful resort of Wayanad Silverwoods primarily because of its location  and the breathtaking view from the villas set amidst the waters of the Banasura dam. The Drive to the resort is beautiful as well, if driving from Mysore – after crossing Kalpetta, the road to resort sets the expectations of the things to come.


The Resort is aesthetically built with a lot of thought gone into making it a green resort. From allowing natural light in the villa’s including the bathrooms, care has been taken to retain the beautiful natural surroundings and not disturb the surrounding fauna and flora to the maximum extent possible while also ensuring comfort and quality is at its best.

Our check-in was smooth and the allocated Royal villa was kept ready by the time we reached.With the resort being vast, they also have shuttle services for picking and dropping guests from the villa’s to the restaurant/reception or club house and vice versa which was extremly beneficial especially for senior citizens , folks with kids, during check in or check out when guests will have luggage to move around and of-course when it was raining.

Villa :

The Villa was just awesome. Very spacious and elegant.Good king size bed with a perfect comforting mattress. The Balcony with the breathtaking view in the backdrop of Banasura dam waters and not to forget the Jacuzzi to complement the view.Though the villa was air conditioned, there were 2 fans with a lot of hanging lights from the ceiling which raised the ambiance to the next level. With the weather already cold. neither the fans nor the air condition was needed.

The Bathroom had the regular amenities and was very spacious as well.The walkthrough shower was excellent. Hot water was available round the clock. Towels were clean and fresh.

Club House :

The club house had a lot of stuff to spend some time on.Few of them being

  • Table tennis
  • Snooker table
  • Dart board
  • Chess
  • Carrom Board
  • Foos ball
  • Cycle for kids
  • Gym

Other than the club house, there were also some more  amenities like Swimming pool, Children’s play area ( open area) and Spa


Food :

Food here was one of the biggest highlights of our stay here. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, everything was just great. What I liked most was the fact that they stuck to their tradition of having at-least a few Kerala themed dishes for every meal while also maintaining a balance in the rest of the menu with some Indian and continental dishes considering the global visitors here. Live counter for Dosa and omelette’s had the chef dishing out some great stuff. While everything was good, some of the stand outs for me was the different fish curries, the puttu with kadalai curry, idiyappam, kerala paratha’s , rasam, different pulav’s and the dessert section.

Mr Pramod , the executive chef was on top of his work. He connected personally with guests and ensured everyone was satisfied and left the dining area happy.

Service :

Service was excellent at all levels. From the reception staff to housekeeping, security, vehicle drivers, restaurant staff and room service – all were very welcoming and had a smile always while getting along with their work.

The best part of the stay at this place apart from the comfort was the different shades of nature with its mesmerizing beauty that one gets to see from the balcony as the sun gives way to dark clouds and then to rain and back to sunlight – the beauty is mind blowing. The hills in the backdrop play hide and seek with the fog and the clouds that keep hovering.Though summer could be a nice season to just laze around here but in monsoon this place transforms itself into a scenic postcard perfect location to be in.


  1. This is amazing. There’s so much to do in this self-sustained villa. Staying in a green resort opens avenues to a brighter, greener stay. The funny part is that I have never been to Kerala (at least, not yet) 🙂 Cheers!!

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  2. My last visit to Kerala was over 10 years ago and had an amazing time. This is a stunning resort! The walk in shower and the jacuzzi bath has won me over! Being a huge foodie, the food looks delicious! I might have to look into visiting Kerala again 🙂

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    1. They have different packages ranging from budget villas to expensive one’s depending on the view from the room , their prices are cheaper during Monsoon which for me is the best time to visit


  3. Feels like a relaxing place to have a getaway experience. People will find this very useful for references if they want to visit India to have a wonderful vacation!


  4. Thanks for sharing an informative post. Since many travelers keep asking us places to stay while they travel, Now we know what to recommend in Wayanad. The place looks amazing for family and for a private weekend getaway!

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  5. Some of these pictures look like oil paintings!! Wayanad looks like a truly lovely place to visit, very relaxing and the villa particularly looks like somewhere I’d really love to stay! 🙂

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