Feeling the heat at ‘Holy Flames’

When an outing for a team lunch comes calling and a zest to try out food at a place different from the usual barbecue one’s that we have in Bangalore city, Thanks to Zomato – we ended up at ‘Holy Flames’.

Holy Flames Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This is one place that is slowly becoming another regular barbecue kind of hang out for folks working in the IT companies in and around the Marathahalli region.This restaurant is part of the Cartier hotel but the entrance to the restaurant is separate, and one does not have to pass through the hotel lobby or reception etc.The entrance to the place is nice and is welcoming.There is also a swimming pool area with a Banquet hall which looked like a perfect setup for someone to throw a party or have a function at night with the lights on.

We had reservation for lunch and were probably the first one’s on the restaurant and were given a table quickly.

:: Food ::


Started off with Dahi Papdi chat which was very refreshing and good in taste.Perfect quantity to begin with.

Next, the rest of the starters both on the grill and directly on the plate started flowing in.Majority of it seemed to be served directly on the plate rather than on the grill and tasted better too.Gobi Manchuri was nice, crisp and fried to perfection with no sign’s of oil on the plate.
2016-07-28 00.31.38
Mutton and chicken kebabs were stand outs for me.Juicy, full of flavour, great texture and served on the plate directly

On the grill were variety of fish, prawn and chicken starters on the non-veg and paneer, pineapple,potatoes on the veg side of it. All of it was good regular stuff, sticking to the basics and not trying something different.The veg kebabs were a little bland for me, lacked taste and not much stuffing inside.

Live Counter 

We were informed of a live counter for pasta/noodles or rice option with topping, meat and sauce of our choice.Tried out a fusion of paneer, fish and chicken pasta – not a big fan of it.


Soup and Salads

The variety of salad’s laid out was excellent, the Egg cocktail and the chicken salad was yum ! On the veg side, pretty happy with the channa and the aloo peas chat.On the soup also were both veg and non-veg options, tried out the cream of chicken soup and it was decent.

Main course dishes 

Good variety on the vegetarian side, limited on the non-veg. Chicken Biriyani, fish and Chicken curry made up the non-veg section. Biriyani had a nice aroma and the meat gravies were OK. On the veg-side, thumbs up for dahi vada,paneer gravy and rasam.


They had a lot of varieties on the ice-cream. Opted for the tutty fruity flavour with some additional cherries and strawberry sauce which definitely satisfied the sweet tooth !

2016-07-27 23.03.57

Mango jelly and the fruit salad were not up to the mark.Jelly had no taste at all. Gulab jamun : all boxes ticked and perfect. Assortment of fruits was also fresh.

         Areas of Improvement :

  • More variety on the Non-veg main course would have been better
  • Live counter food needs to be improved, there was literally no sauce in the pasta at all and did not bind the elements together.

:: Ambience ::

  • Large space and nice decor
  • Space between tables is apt
  • Comfortable couches


          Areas of Improvement :

  • A/C not working was the biggest spoiler of our meal here, most of us were sweating badly which was a big turn off. Coolers were bought in but had no effect. From zomato reviews , looks like the problem had been there for more than a few days now
  • Live Grill made matters worse without A/C with the heat spreading across the dining hall.
  • Insect Killers ( machines) kept making that irritating sound while devouring insects and it was noisy !

:: Service ::

  • Good service on the table
  • Starters were being brought pretty quickly

Areas of Improvement :

  • We were asked if we would like to have drinks and most of us placed an order for lime soda’s but before that could come, a mango refresher drink landed on our table which looks like was the Welcome drink of the day.I think we should have been informed of the welcome drink first and then asked the question on if we wanted to have something else.
  • Poor service at the live counter. Staff managing the ingredients section and taking order seemed confused and messed up a few times, First, on who had ordered what and the second on who placed the order first. Needed at least 3 follow up’s to grab the stuff ordered.
  • Next to out table was another smaller round table which was used to dump all used plates. It was not a pleasant sight with used plates from all the tables ending up to near where we were sitting and was lying open

2016-07-27 23.13.14

Parking for 4 wheelers is available outside the hotel whereas 2 wheeler parking is somewhere on the other end. We were also given a 15% discount voucher for our next visit assuming probably because of the A/C mess up or the poor experience guests were facing. Did give feedback on some of the improvement areas and the staff agreed to look on all the aspects as well. Cost is tad on the higher side.
Would definitely want to give another try here to see if things have improved on the ambience and service front with food being good and decent.

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