Hogging it up @ ‘Bundar’

Bundar‘ (Monkey) is a catchy name to begin with for a cafe and the first question that comes to the mind is why this name ? Invited as part of the FBAB ( Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore) meet  for a tasting session, it was a gastronomic experience of a different kind !  Coming back to the name – we found the real reason for this title had nothing to do with monkeys but it was more of monkeying around with ‘Bun’ basically a fusion for the term ‘Bun’ ke Andar ( meaning ‘whats inside the bun’) referring to Burgers, Pavs etc – In short everything that’s stuffed under bread’s of different kind.

We had a 4 course meal starting off with some great appetizers.

Jalapeno Cheese balls were these cheesy goodness stuffed balls that just melts in your mouth, for the non-vegetarians, it was double the happiness with bacon stuffed inside these wonderful small balls !


.Second appetizer for the day was the Hummus Pita with grilled chicken ( non chicken option was also there for veggie folks). Pita bread was soft and at perfect thickness for one to grab a bite with a good amount of hummus which was fresh and had good texture which brings in a good balance of taste.


Giving the appetizers a good company was the Lemon Ice Tea, just the freshness that was needed on a relatively warm day 


Next course on the table was an assortment of sliders – basically different types of mini burgers with different ‘Bun’ ke andar options of Veg, chicken, beef and pork.

Each of the sliders had their own signature taste and some of the stand outs for me was the Texas Pulled Pork and the All American Cheese burger which was loads of flavour !

The sliders were mini but were a mouthful of taste !

For the Main course , we had rice served with 3 different gravies – Goan Pork Chorizo, Panner Makhani and Spicy Chicken.

2016-07-19 18.29.24

The normal way of serving rice is a bowl layered with gravy which apart from being well presented infuses the rice with the curry taste and blends along nicely to give that nice aroma and taste.

Paneer Makhani was a rich creamy gravy which along with rice is very filling.Pork Chorizo had this succulent taste with a bit of sourness that went well  with rice and Spicy chicken was just yum !

Next was the Desserts time and it was time to get messy and literally so because it was the time for the ‘Messy‘ shake. This is one shake that you do not want to miss, portion big enough for 4 people  – this shake is just one mess with some of the ingredients being chocolates, brownies, ice cream, nuts and milkshake spilled over. Very tempting to finish it off but it just keeps coming and coming as you dig into the bowl !

2016-07-19 18.13.33

The  cafe also has some good pastries on display and very tempting  indeed !

Coming to the ambience , they have maintained the monkey theme around with images of monkey portraying different expressions presented on the wall.Its a decent place with comfortable seating and nice decor. 

And – yes a special mention for the ‘BABA Black Sheep‘ , the elusive black burger which is a ‘Bundar’ special black bun filled with Lamb patty and cheese ! Something definitely unique ! 

Overall a good place to spend time with friends and family and of course to hog on some delicious food !!

Bundar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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