Odia Food Fest – Bringing Odisha to Bangalore !

Bangalore as we know is as cosmopolitan as it can be, with the IT industry being the main reason for a lot of folks  to relocate here for work, what it also lead to was the fusion of various cultures that has the made the city much more lively. Few folks from the Odia community decided to bring Odisha closer to home and what better way to do it than food ! 

Odia Food Festival was a celebration of Odisha’s culture and food bringing together people from the eastern state as well as giving a chance to all others to experience Odisha in Bangalore. The Event started in an open auditorium with some cultural programs with singing and traditional folks dances included. Cool breeze and a light drizzle made the environment pleasant


Welcome drink and Starters were served at counters setup in the  open area where the program was on while the buffet main course was arranged in a separate enclosed area. The drink was Butter milk commonly referred to Tanka toraani in Odiya which was light and subtle and on the starters were cutlets served with a potato based curry which though served cold ( one of the reasons being the long queue waiting) tasted good standing in the cold weather.

There was both veg and Non-veg buffet options available with people attending given an option to purchase the corresponding tickets during registration.It was a wholesome buffet with lot of stuff, namely rice, dhal, fish,mutton and paneer gravies, Eggplant Curd curry, Mango Khatta ( a sweet and savoury dish), some veg gravy and papad. Finishing touches on the desert were Kheer and Rasagulla – Hope I did not miss an item !! All of it was made in traditional odiya style

Stand outs !

  • Mutton curry : For its taste, texture, well cooked mutton and the big pieces of potato !
  • Fish curry : Well cooked fish with good colour on the outside and softness inside
  • Paneer gravy : Good bite size paneer with a flavourful gravy, the style of paneer cooked is quite different here and that stood out.

Let downs !

  • Rice : Unevenly cooked. Some of it needed more time and was served without letting it cook properly
  • Kheer : It was burnt and the smell and taste just spoilt the goodness the rest of the food had.
  • For me, a visit to odisha is incomplete without tasting the Dahi bara with Aloo dum ( Curd vada with a potato curry as accompaniment) which  although was there in the menu during registration did not make it on the table during the event and so did the Puri’s – they were not part of the buffet.

Overall it was a good event to get people together and celebrate some great food !







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