A trip to Kolar ……

City of Kolar – known for its famous gold mines and as the land of silk n milk is also famous for its Kolaramma and Someshwara temples protected by the ASI. Headed out to these temples from Bangalore on a quaint Sunday Morning. It takes about 90 minutes from Bangalore to get to these temples and only about 3 to 4 km inland from the main highway. Roads are good all the way with some picturesque views near Kolar.

Kolaramma temple retains its old world charm and reflects every bit of history that it was part of.No commercialization of the temple and no shops selling anything nearby is a pleasant sight.The deity is Maa Durga and it is said that this temple has the deity in its most fierce form of Kali Maa and hence devotees are not allowed to worship the deity directly but via a mirror placed strategically. The architecture of the temple is simple and amazing and is built in an ‘L’ shape. There were literally very few people when we reached there which made our visit very peaceful and pleasant.


Someshwara temple is hardly 500 metres from the Kolaramma temple and the architecture here is out of the world. The carvings on the wall are something to dwell about. The main deity here is Lord Shiva. Its Dravidian signature right from the entrance to the surroundings of the temple.Again no commercialization of this place and retains its charm and history.

There is no entrance fee or any special entrance in these temples. No specific parking area available and one has to find some place in nearby streets. Good for a weekend trip.


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