Bangalore Food Fete II – Foodies delight !

Weekend ? Yes !                      Fun ? Yes !            Food ? Yes ! – there was only one place to head too – Bangalore Food Fete is in town for the weekend. In simple terms – a stop shop for foodies, restaurateurs and food trucks. Aroma was in the air all over but the heat was a little dampener.

From the burgers to the barbecue’s, from the ice gola’s to the gol gappa’s, from chinese cuisine to japanese, from the wraps to the chaaps, from cheese cakes to cup cakes – Name it and it was there. One could be spoilt for choices here and difficult to decide what to try with food all around you.

‘Mumbai Street Food’ was stop number one and it was time for the gastronomical journey to begin with “Bombay Pav Baaji” – expected something different and nice, turned out the best in the dish was the Pav, Baaji was literally oil floating on top and more of a gravy. Not a good start at all but just one glance around and the disappointment gives way to enthusiasm with all the food trucks lined up – Meat balls was the next target and it was perfect ! Good texture and spice but a little dry !


Next on the list was ‘Baba Chatkora‘ – must say its a catchy name and had a different menu as well. Tried the ‘Achaari Chaaps’ – which was basically soya marinated and grilled – it was something different and good.

Strolling around and ‘Eat Fresh’ on a bright red board hit us – and ‘veg balsamic wrap’ was the freshness we ordered. Again – not sure if that’s how it is served but the wrap was cold with just stuffed vegetables. It was not hot but it was definitely fresh with lot of cabbage.


Craving deserts and it was time to try out ‘Rayalaseema ruchulu’ for their carrot halwa. It seemed it came straight from a fridge to our hands. Cold and definitely did not seem freshly prepared. Another no no was Gol gappa at ‘Your kind of place’ – not good.

With not so good experiences – headed back to ‘Baba Chatkora’ ( This name definitely has in it all the ingredients to go viral !) and the matka lassi was what we asked to beat the heat ! Well – this one we wanted cold but it was not to be, the weather won but the taste did not let us down.


Determined to get something refreshing and cold – headed to ‘Social’ for the all time ice gola and goti soda.Ice gola was only ice and Goti soda was only soda and not worth the money at all but the ice was refreshing.

Overall a fun place to be with some good and bad experiences and a definite delight for the foodies in Bangalore not to forget the catchy names of restaurants and trucks participating in the festival.


View my food journey on Zomato!


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