Quest for the best Biriyani !

We are in a world where every biriyani outlets call themselves the best in the town ! Be it the Rahham’s or the Ammi’s, the Donne’s or the Ambur’s , the Paradise’s one or the Empire’s one, the zone’s, the mane’s, the adda’s – for everyone their biriyani is the best.

So the question is how do we decide ? or the question should be – is there a way to decide ?

Should we leave it to individual taste ? Should we leave it unique to the name they are calling it ? or Should we even waste our time trying to find the best one.

For me – the real biriyani is what we used to get in the streets of Trichy in Tamilnadu during my younger days, something we would call as a mess, with their option of quarter,half or full biriyani and with the option of opting for leg piece only with their delicious gravy. That was Yum !

I believe its individual taste that decides which one is the best and not the outlets marketing that call’s itself best ! I have had bad experiences with Ammi’s and Rahham’s while some good one’s with Donne’s and Adda’s in Bangalore with each of them having a different flavor.

At the end of the day, the best one is the one that satisfies you the most on that lazy Sunday, that fills every little corner of the already bulging stomach and that big leg piece that gets eaten till it does not look like a leg !

Share your thoughts folks ! Every experience is unique and would love to hear from you !
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  1. Hey Jay, yeah they’ve got some good one’s but problem with them is that its not consistent across all outlets. Some Empire outlets dish out the best one’s and some not so good !


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